Mandarin Orange Monday 50

Manly Wharf – the piers

It is under this wharf that the sweet little fairy penguins call  home.

I have made lots of images this week, but have only described the processes for one – the reason….time…or lack of it.

This week there is another change.

I have not linked images to other blogs and memes. Apparently it is sometimes seen as self promotion – or promotion of my own meme.  When I have more time, I will once again be posting several times  week, like I used to do – maybe even daily! But for now, I am afraid I can only manage one a week – a big one with lots of pics – but still, only one post. Of course I will continue to return your  visits – both  those who join in the orange challenge and those who leave a comment.

I love seeing your orange images and I do enjoy reading your comments! Thank you to all 🙂

1. Manly Wharf, Sydney.










11. Square crop of small section.
Topaz Filters – Sketch Colour and Stylise Details.
Fade Stylise Details to 70% – Soft Light
Nik Color Efex – Bi Color User Defined.
12. As no. 11. Plus, copy and paste three times, rotating 90 degrees each time.
First paste 60%, second 40% and third 30% transparency.


32 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 50

  1. Well once or everyday either way your work is inspiring. I love all those alterations. When I have more time, you've inspired me to play around with photoshop!! Thanks for the linky tool. I finally have some orange to share with you!!

  2. Self promoting? The idea is to meet others with common interests. It is a social network … I don't know who got on your case, but they seem to have issues that shouldn't be yours. We have followed and enjoyed your posts however many times a week you post or wherever you link … and will continue to do so. I find that a bit frustrating. There are poeple who are quick to judge and who really need to look at themselves in the mirror … sorry, but I am just expressing an opinion. And I will express another opionion … your orange wharf is awesome. All of it and I think you technique is outstanding. Take that :)Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Hi Lori- Your photos are always inspiring! They have encouraged me to try new ideas! I thought the meme thing was so people could share art and creative endeavours and find out about others who also created! it creates so many new links!

  4. it is never easy, is it? We are all promoting our blogs and work. I was not bothered with what you did. I love everything with water and wood. So this is eyecandy for me. Thanks for joining my memes. 🙂

  5. About your pizza comment -Florence, and the statue David we didn't get to (sigh) – since I was so focused on getting to know how the people in Tuscany lived – since that piece of info. is important in my paintings.

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