Mandarin Orange Monday 49

Lovelocks at Manly

Last week as we walked along the scenic path to Shelly Beach from Manly Beach, we came across a curious sight. A series of locks and dummies, some of which were decorated,  attached to the fence which separates the path from the rocks and ocean. Why were they there? Who put them there? Why hadn’t we noticed them before?

 Apparently the first one was put there a last December and slowly the number has grown. They are “lovelocks” – a trend which started in Europe in the 80’s and obviously has been revived here in Sydney recently. At first I thought they were a sad thing, a memorial to lost ones, but no… it is a happy thing. People lock them and throw away the key and then their love will endure forever.  I hope it works for them. And what a great opportunity to practise using my new macro lens. Next time I go there I will take a tripod though.

The series was taken with my old  Pentax SLR 1stDL and new Sigma 70mm F2.8 EX DG Macro Lens. I sharpened the images in Photoshop. Some of the images I left as they were, but others I edited using Photoshop Filter Gallery. Others I used Nik and/or Topaz filters too.

Because I have had to do this post twice!! ….. I am not going to write out the editing details this time. Why did I have so much trouble that I had to delete the original? I will explain..briefly. I planned the pics I was going to use, I numbered them and added them all at once. No problems so far. Then I referred to my notes, which are always very hard to decipher, and added captions, explaining processes.

I should have then stopped….but I didn’t. I decided to add a few more images, which meant moving them around and changing the order. That is when the problem started. Somehow images joined up together, via the captions, and I got into a very big mess. So what did I do? I went to bed to read my new ebook – Double Silence by  Mari Jungstedt. It is number 7 in the Andas Knutas series….which so far I am enjoying.

This morning I tried to work out the mess. Then I deleted it all and started again. Anyone else have those kind of problems?

So today perhaps can be like a guessing game.Which pics  are unedited (easy), which were edited using only Photoshop default filters and which ones involved much processing with Topaz and /or Nik Color Efex filters?





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46 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 49

  1. What a fun and creative way to show affection to each other … not sure I get how pacifiers fit into that theme, but they certainly add interest to the art :)Your artistic progression is always wonderful. I often wonder if time and space were not an issue, how far could you go … love this post and I love your art!!!!!Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. My post has two pictures. I may have used the first one before. I had to show you the cake my friend had made using my art. It was sooo cool.

  3. I NEVER heard of lovelocks before, how sweet is THIS and for you to capture them and share this story. It made me think of marrige; children coming….separation of the ocean of life and land…and of course your amazing ART!! LOVE THIS

  4. oh how frustrating that fiasco must have been! I still get into trouble sometimes with the simplest things so fortunately I can call my son and if need be he lives close by and can fix it for me 🙂 I think I need him to help with PSE -I 'd love to try some cool things as you have done 🙂

  5. Very impressive and wonderful art form, as always. Your work is so professional. Yes, I am always making "oopsies" in the blogger platform. It's all a learning curve for me.

  6. Super great photos though. I don't have this problem anymore because I transfere all my stuff to – you can do the same as here and it is free as well. I have had too much trouble with Blogspot and still have when I am going to answer as if I chose to go with the address and URL my avatar don't show up and if I chose to go with Blogspot/Google then I can't add my link – and now I have my own domains 🙂 Go figure

  7. Veeeery nice shots and then the colorexplosion with the turqoise in the end 🙂 AMAZING!! I totally enjoy your fotojourney this time ♥ Conny

  8. I have has similar troubles with all my pics going into the caption section. Sometimes it is easier to reinsert the pics. After insert one photo, I have to make sure that the curser is right next to the pics right side, then I have to make sure that I press enter a few times, then insert the other pics.Does it help to click on remove caption?I really like the soul mate forever series. I like how the words really stand out and the simplicity of the message and composition stand out!

  9. Beautiful photography :). LOVE to see how you changed each one, and love to read about this sweet surprise at the beach. I'm really inspired to play with my photos now, a little braver :).

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