Mandarin Orange 48

Today my experimentation – and fun – was in two areas. I still have my old  (7 years is old??) Pentax istDL ( the man in the shop was surprised it was still working!) but I gave it a little boost. I have acquired a new micro lense! I do have an old one, which also fitted my very old non digital Pentax, but alas, it has “had it” for some time – the dreaded mould. Usually the photos I post here are taken with my Pentax and Sigma Zoom DC which has served me very well. And has no mould!

Today’s photos were taken with my  new Sigma F2.8 Macro. Now I have to admit, I know very little about lenses but it is very exciting being able to get up so close. I hadn’t even noticed that a tiny insect was on one of the petals.

I have just returned from a little holiday at Manly and was very eager to photograph rockpools and rocks in general. Despite the constant rain I did manage to take my camera out twice. I will show you some rock images in the next few weeks but  chose this time to keep it simple. I have used two shots of a little white flower growing quite close to the harbour. I assume it is a kind of daisy.

So two lots of fun – new lense and new things to see as well as the usual playing with Photoshop and its Filter Gallery as well as Nik and Topaz filters.

I wonder what kind of experimentation you have been doing this week?

1. Pentax istDL ISO 200 f/8. Shutter speed 1/18

1b. Cropped to square.
Nik Color Efex Filter – Tonal Contrast and White Neutraliser.

1c. As Above and cropped again. Nik Color Efex Filter – White Neutraliser.
1d. Nik Color Efex Filter – Tonal Contrast and White Neutraliser.
PS Desaturate all but red and yellow.
1e. As Above plus PS Selective Colour. Decrease cyan in yellow.
Increase yellow saturation and increase magenta.
1f .As above plus PS Selective Colour. Increase magenta in yellow.
Increase Yellow in Red. Increase magenta in reds.
Increase Vibrance.
Topaz Clean Filter – Stylise Details
Topaz Detail Filter – Feature Enhancement.
Nik Color Efex Filter – Cross Balance.
2. Pentax ist DL. ISO 200. f/8. Shutter Speed 1/30

2b. Nik Color Efex Filter – Tonal Contrast  and White Neutraliser.
PS Desaturate all but red and yellow.

2c. As Above. PS Selective Colour.  Decrease cyan and increase magenta  in yellow.
 Increase saturation of yellow.  Desaturate White.
Increase yellow in reds and magenta in reds.
Increase Vibrance.
Topaz Clean Filter – Stylise Details
2d.As Above. Topaz Clean Filter – Stylise Details
Topaz Detail Filter – feature enhancement.
Nik Color Efex – Cross Balance  and  White Neutraliser.
Topaz Simplify Filter 

2e. As Above. Plus Nik Color Efex Filter – High Key
Topaz Stylise details.
2f. Isolate small section and enlarge. Nik Color Efex- White Neutraliser and Cross Balance.
2g. As Above. Increase Vibrance.
PS Photo Filter – Warming 85 90%

2h. As Above. Plus topaz Simplify – Sketch Colour
PS Selective Colour – Increase saturation of yellow, decrease magenta.
PS Adjust Curves, Shadows/Highlights.
2i. Combine 13 and 14. Adjust transparency of layers. PS Linear Dodge.
Increase Vibrance.

2j. Copy and paste layer, rotating at different angles and enlarging.
Flatten layers and Equalise.
Fade Equalise – Darker Colour.
2k. As Above. Plus various  Nik Color Efex and Topaz Filters. 


37 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange 48

  1. I can see you had fun. There is a whole new world to discover. 🙂 The NIK and Topaz you mention, is that plug-ins you bought for PS? I was searching for NIK but didn´t get any wiser. 😦

  2. Lorik,My favourite picture is the twelfth. When I saw how the centre of the flower was redefined, but the beautiful white was maintained, I eyes said, "Oooo, I like that!" It is really neat how the little insect added an extra element of texture and interest! Thanks for sharing your process!

  3. wow I AM SO STOKED, even made another site just for MBM!!! hehe NEVER know what i am going to do until its TIME!! Gets the creative juices it does..and then to see what you all did?!! TOPS it like whip cream and a cherry! umm..i mean slice of ORANGE hehe!! (love your flower!!!!!!!!)

  4. How amazing how this lil bloom turns out into a star…but what do I say it was a star ever 😉 the third and the fourteenth is my absolute favorite! Such a fun this week to view your flowering changes ♥ Conny ♥Mix It Monthly

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