Mandarin Orange 47

This week I am showing you my neglected Aloe Vera plant – as it was some months ago. Feeling sorry for it, I have occasionally given it some attention. Perhaps in a little while I  will be able to show you a thriving healthy plant. I know what you are all thinking….how could you possible neglect such a hardy plant? And a very useful one too, I am told.

Here are my pics. I decided this week I would repeat the same process on a series of images. And then choose just one to experiment further with. I ended up with so many I made them into a collage – the old, manual way,  with Photoshop. I really must research some collage making software….

Thank you for your orange creations last week- they are some imaginative and varied. I wonder what you orange-ness you have for this week?

1. PS. Sharpened. Adjusted Curves. PS Warming Filter 85

2.PS Photo Filter -Warming. Saturation increased, hue, tone and exposure adjustment.

PS Filter Gallery ie. Poster Edges,  Paint Daubs, Film Grain, Plastic Wrap, Ink Outlines, Diffuse Glow.
 I used only one filter in each image.
I am afraid that whenI made the collage my notes became mixed up – so maybe we can call it a challenge or game to guess which filter was used in which image?!

3 and 4. PS Filter Gallery
In the  following images I used both Topaz and Nik Color Efex Filters as well.

5.Nik Color Efex Filters included – Reflector Effects, Cross Processing and Polaroid Transfer.

6. Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer

7. Topaz Detail Filter – Desaturation
Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer

7b. Same as 7. Plus – Desaturate –
Nik Color Efex – Graduated Used Defined  – Orange
Duplicate Desaturated layer
Nik Color Efex – Graduated Used Defined – Pink
PS Blending – Lighter Colour
Flatten Layers
Topaz Clean – flat style
Nik HDR Efex – Diffused.

8. Topaz Desaturation and Topaz Detail.

9. Nik Color Efex – Photo Styliser (Varitone)

10. Copy and Paste and Rotate layers. Vary transparency.

11. Copy and paste image at different angles and transparencies.
Darker Colour Mode adjustment.
12. Nik Color Efex – Detail Styliser – Weird Lines
Topaz – Desaturated Brush
PS Photo Filter
Increase Vibrancy, Selective Colour Adjustments


43 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange 47

  1. How neat is that!!! At first I thought it was legs of an octopus or some other crawly thing. I was so glad to see what it really was. The colors are phenomenal.

  2. You didn't you better than I did. Luckily tehe recover :)Interesting post.Have a nice evening.Mormor

  3. I love the Aloe Vera plant for a many reasons, not the least of which is it's artsy configuration. I love all of your versions and maybe the colorless one the best because it makes the spiderwebs stand out, which is such a big part of the composition. Tis amazing what you do with your oranges … love it. And, are you not beside yourself waiting for the Lone Ranger to come out on July 3rd:) I know I am going to love Tonto more than ever after this version …Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. Hello Lori!!! Hope you have a lovely week! Your work is lovely as always and love the texture on your pieces. 😀 Have a good week! hugs!Maria

  5. I must say, I have never seen an aloe vera this colour! It's pretty! Try "pic monkey" for collage (goggle it). It's free or you can get more advanced edits for a small monthly fee.

  6. WHAT amazing images you've created! I've never seen such a pretty aloe plant before :)AND it's great to put a name and face to your MoM event – nice to meet you – and thank you for sharing your work with the SOC as well, xoxo

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