Mandarin Orange Monday 46

This week I am returning to Manly again – both digitally and physically – for a day visit.
The building I have used is perched high above the beach and has views of its entire length. There is even a stairway leading to the Surf Club and finally the sand. I think it is a beautiful old building and would love to live there….if only.

1. Manly Flats. PS Sharpen and Tones/Curves adjusted

2. PS Filter Gallery – Poster Edges.
Adjust Shadows/Highlights
3. Nik Color Efex Filter – Photo Styliser
Nik Sharpener
Topaz Clean Filter – Crisp Style
PS Adjust Curves and Vibrance
Topaz Detail – Fill Light

4. Same as No. 3.
PS Desaturate all but red.
Adjust Curves
PS Filter Gallery – Poster Edges
5. Isolate a section using PS cropping tool
PS Selective Color – change all white to cyan (Absolute)
6. Isolate smaller section.
PS Filter Gallery – Palette Knife

7. Topaz Filter – Clean – Cartooned.

8. As above. Topaz Filter Clean – Cartooned. Cropped again.
For both 7 and 8 I selected a smaller section and pasted about 5 times, at different angles. Each time I adjusted the transparency and blending modes. Finally I adjusted colours using PS Selective Color and adjusted curves.

Thank you so much to all for visiting and taking part in Mandarin Orange Monday. Thank you also for your thoughtful comments.


32 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 46

  1. It is a beautiful building in it´s own right. And still you made lots of great art from it as well.Hope you don´t mind I´m posting two entries this week, but at elast they are from different blogs.

  2. What a wonderful ride you take us on every week. I love, as do you, the combination of orange and turquoise and your added tectures and close ups are beautiful. A beautiful old building with flourish :)Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. I love all the photo manipulations you do! I just got Adobe Elements and am excited to play with it this week! Love your colors — the ornage and turquoise just pop!!

  4. Hello Lori,great work, amazing orange buildings,second to last is my favorit, so beautiful texture!Wish you a nice day,moniThanks for visit my blog

  5. Wow this time I totally enjoy the journey into your great photo…loooove how the texture came out and the colors pop more and more out and I think my favorite is the seventh one…♥ Conny

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