Mandarin Orange Monday 45

Welcome back to Mandarin Orange Monday. Once again I had a lot of fun seeing what you had  all created this week. I have to apologise, again, for not being able to return all your comments this week. Not only have I been ill with the dreaded “bug” but I have had extra responsibilities.

This week I have used one of my paintings – acrylics on canvas – which I did a  couple of years ago. Being a painting of a  cat, and a very colourful one too, it has been a favourite of my grandson’s. When he is older (he is only three) perhaps he might like it for his bedroom wall. But I will wait until asked….. The cat portrayed is Clarence. I had fun making him a psychedelic Clarence when I painted him . Today I had just as much  fun transforming him digitally. I have included the original photograph – I think it was taken with my old Nokia phone.

1. Initial Photograph – Nokia Phone camera
2.Acrylics on Canvas Painting
3. PS Filter Gallery – Poster Edges
4. Topaz Clean Filter – Stylise Details

5.Nik Color Efex – Photo Styliser, Polarisation.
PS Adjust Curves and Levels
PS Selective Colour Adjustments
6. Nik Color Efex – Photo Styliser and Polaroid Transfer
Adjust Saturation
7. Nik Color Efex – Black White Conversion
Nik HDR Efex
8. Topaz Clean Filter – Cartooned

9. PS Quick Selection Tool Background. Fill Cyan. Fade
Inverse Selection. Fill Orange.
PS Selective Colour Adjustments.
10. Nik HDR Efex – Cat.
Repeat HDR Efex

11. Nik Color Efex – Weird lines. PS Increase Saturation.
Selective Colour adjustments

12. Nik Color Efex – Detail Styliser – Weird Lines, adjustments
PS Selective colour.


45 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 45

  1. Holy Cats! How did you do that? The cat looks like a cartoon character … I love all of your versions and the last ones are real zingers. You never cease to amaze me …Andrea @ Form The Sol

  2. Love the way you transform everything into absolutely fascinating art! The cat on canvas and all the other versions too look dazzling! The orange in MOM is always a sure shot of energy!

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