Mandarin Orange Monday 43

The Old and The New

This week  a combination of old and new.  Another “treasure find” in the old shed, an old hurricane lamp together with a section of my (orange) kitchen.

The hurricane lamp could be a hundred years old and it was later converted to an electric lamp, probably by my grandfather, Archibald. Before I clean it up I will have an electrician check it over and maybe I will be able to use it! Now, that would be fun.

There a quite a few images this week, maybe due my indecisive state (?) so I have made them smaller than usual.

Thank you again to everyone who is taking part in Mandarin Orange Monday. I hope you are having as much fun as I am – well, fun most of the time…. except when I do too many pics and then get into a muddle choosing them.

Nik Color Efex – Old Photo

PS Fill – OverlayPS Find Edges Filter.
Adjust Curves

Linking to Our World Tuesday

PS Fill – Overlay 60%
PS  Filter – Find Edges 70%
PS Selective Colour (Increase Yellow and Red)
PS Adjust Curves

                                                     Linking to Tones onTuesday
Nik Color Efex -Polaroid Transfer
PS Adjust Curves, Selective Colour
Topaz Detail – Fill Light
Ps Selective Colour adjustments

PS Increased Saturation
PS Filter – Poster Edges
Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer

Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer

The filters I used for the following abstractions are are combination of Topaz Detail and Nik Colour Effex. I also applied the PS magic wand to select various areas and fill with colour. eg. cyan in the last one. And as always, I played around with PS Selective Colour and Saturation. I am sorry I can be no more specific than this – my late night notes are once again a mess. 
The important thing, however, is just to play, experiment and see what happens. If you are feeling wide awake and organised (unlike me last night) take notes of the what you did that you liked.

And now for a question…I am recently having problems with layout of pics etc (as you can see today). Now it obviously  might just be me. But, is anyone experiencing similar problems? 

And if you have changed to WordPress from Blogger, are you happy with the change?


16 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 43

  1. What a treasure you have found, especially since it was your grandfather's lantern. I love what you've done to i, especially the polaroid version and the last where you brought out the turquoise green. Blessings!

  2. I love old antique stuff … and what a joy to have all of these wonderful pieces from your own family. It makes it mean that much more. Of course I love what you do with the Hurricane Lamp … I think I am partial to the close up pieces on the end. I don't know why, I guess the devil is in the details. I see so much more in it when close up and your colors are fabulous. Thank you for another fun week, Lori!Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Super enjoyed seeing all the variations of this image. I'm often at a loss to choose which version of a picture to post, so it's encouraging to see someone else just go for it! In addition to Blogger, I have a WordPress account but have found it too much of a learning curve to make use of it. I certainly like the look of other's blogs there, though.

  4. I remember this lamp growing up when the time we do not have electricity in the Philippines. But it was the time when I so missed and love it. Because it was the time when after dinner we gather around and dad starts to tell us stories. Now everyone is in there own little world trying to make friends all over the world go to all the social media but inside their home nobody is talking hehe. Thanks for the space and inviting you for tomorrow's Water World Wednesday linky. ^_^Mary, MI

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