Mandarin Orange Monday 42

The Shed Revisited

This week we have a guest blogger… well at least a guest photographer. My sister. As some of you know I have been been spending a lot of time clearing out our father’s house. But that is not all… there are two sheds! One shed is quite small and was even my first home as a baby while Dad built our house – all by himself! The other shed is huge. As a carpenter who had his own small business, he needed a lot of tools – both hand and power – and of course, much timber.

You may remember my pictures of my father’s shed last year. And fantasy image of the shed window.

He retired early, at 53, due to ill health. He had a brain aneurism – something that many people don’t survive. But he did! During his very long rehabilitation he learned many new crafts. He had already done a lot of painting and drawing earlier in his life – but now discovered ceramics, sculpture, leadlight and so much more. As a result – the contents of the shed grew. You have no idea how many beautiful boxes and cases we have found that he had made especially to store his art/craft equipment. But there is another reason it grew. He was a hoarder….and that “grew” too. Now his brother’s bits and pieces were added. So we discovered many cardboard boxes filled with “junk” but also interesting “treasures”. And he was a keen fisherman, so also we sorted through many fishing baskets and canvas bags filled with  reels and hooks and sinkers.

It is hard work, but it is also fun sometimes. Last week my sister, Lynn, and I dressed up in our oldest work clothes and got to work. I found a head band was much more useful than a cap to make it possible to actually see what I was looking at. I felt a bit like a hippy! I quite liked that feeling.

Lynn, of course, just had to capture my hippy look. I told her if she “edited/processed it” I would publish her images – expecting that I would do the “orangeification” stage. That wasn’t necessary. Her edits ended up orange – accidently!

She used her Galaxy 2 phone and edited with the default Photo Editor. Her very first photo editing. Do you think she might get hooked?

Hippy me – in both senses of the word. Chocolate!!
Photography by Lynn.

Edited using Galaxy 2 Photo Editor. Repeated increased Contrast (maximum)
Editing by Lynn

Band Saw – obviously unused for a long time,
probably almost 40 years.
Photography by Lynn.
Band Saw –
transformed by repeated Increased Contrast on Galaxy’s default Photo Editor
Editing by Lynn.

View of side of old shed – my home as a baby.
I don’t even remember that side door – 
apparently it later storour camping equipment.
I remember a fruit tree (locust? if there is such a thing)
 growing here.
Photography by Lynn.

Side of old shed “orangeified”.
 Edited using Galaxy 2’s default Photo Editor. Repeated increased contrast.
Editing by Lynn

And now I must show you one of the “treasures” we found wrapped in old newspaper in a cardboard box. We used them yesterday when celebrating my husband’s birthday – and what  colourful sight they made! They now  sit proudly on a shabby, worn old trolly table we found in the old shed under a huge pile of cedar table legs! My sister will put those legs to good use in her woodwork. I think the shabbiness of the table is interesting and would like to keep it as it is…unfortunately my husband thinks it just looks like a bit of junk and should be restored. We’ll see……

PS Increased Vibrance and Exposure
PS Sharpen Edges
Nik Color Efex Filter – Remove Color Cast
PS Adjust Levels

PS Selective Color Adjustments
Topaz Filter – Clean – Curly Smooth
PS Selelctive Colour Adjustments
PS Adjust Curves
PS Shadows/Highlights Adjustments

PS Adjust Tonal Contrast
PS Photo Filter – Orange
PS fill – Orange – Overlay 45%
Ps Adjust Curves
PS Sharpen Edges

PS Desaturate all but yellow, red, magenta. Lighten yellow.
PS Adjust Levels and Curves
Select Background (Quick Selection Tool_ and decrease saturation.
Fill selected section with PS Warming Filter 85

Nik Color Efex Filter – Bleach Bypass
PS Increase Saturation and Contrast
Nik Color Efex – White Neutralizer
PS Sharpen Edges
Nik Color Efex – High Key

Abstract 1. Isolated square section
Topaz  Simplify Filter – Sketch Colour 

Abstract 2. Topaz Filter – Dynamic Range Equalization

Abstract 3.  Abstract 1 and 2 combined.
Nik Color Efex – Colorize.
Sorry I am later again with posting Mandarin Orange  Monday. My work load has increased but I also seem to get carried away editing and spend far too much time “enjoying the art”. Bad time management though I suppose!

And thank you again for your time, loyality, conversation and most of all for sharing your  precious  art on Mandarin Orange Monday.


26 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 42

  1. Great post brought me back….just love that nineteen sixties jugs and cups…love all the digital edits too…and you are adorable in the hippy headband…you made me giggle with the chocolate That old saw is very cool with the edit…I could see that in a mans office of some sort!! All wonderful edits today!! Looks like a heck of a lot of work you have ahead of you!!Hugs Giggles

  2. yOu have an amazing father and he has amazing daughters.Love looking at your photographes and how you changed them. Love to try it sometime.

  3. what a fabulous pitcher and glasses! I'm so glad you're enjoying discovering things as you clean out the sheds. That kind of cleaning out can be very emotional but it sounds like you and your sister are finding joy in it. Beautiful pictures!

  4. It's a sad but interesting journey, cleaning out the shed.My dad was a horder sas well. We found my dad's WW2 army uniform. He had kept it all those years. If you feel like you want to rush through those chores, don't, take the time to think about those items. You'll be glad you did later.Funny shots!Dina

  5. What a lovely sister you have and I'm thinking perhaps there was a Loquat tree nearby that you mentioned but I just LOVE the bright, cheery glassware! Thanks for sharing your family memeories and wonderful photos.

  6. Oh my, your Linky won't let me link. It says I am already linked, but I am not. Haven't had that happen before, so not sure what to do. I love your sister's pictures … if she doesn't get hooked, she should. What a great job! And, as for you glasses, pitcher and table … awesome. Your table is an antique and if you mess with it, it will lose value. The original paint is what makes it special. I hope you can keep your Hubby under control :). My Hubby is like that … He has to clean or repaint everything. I have had to fight him off with my things, but he did it to all of his … shame, shame:) Loved this post … it says so much about you and your family. Andrea @ From the Sol

  7. As always, I love your PS effects and all this Orange, my second favorite color! Thanks for playing at Inspiration Avenue this week, this mod pitcher set is amazing and so much fun to look at (and use also I imagine). Happy birthday to your husband 🙂

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