Mandarin Orange Monday 41

Happy Mother’s Day

I recently came across an old hand tinted wedding photo of my mother, one which we  though had been lost forever. Where did I find it? In one of the many art/paper cases my father made to store his art projects – drawings for paintings, lead-light, sculpture, etc). Amongst a batch of old faded paper, which almost ended up in the recycle bin, was this beautiful professional photographic portrait. He had used it as a reference for a painting. How lucky a find was that!?

Since it I have just acquired a scanner to archive the family photo collection and it also happens to be Mother’s Day here in Australia today I decided my first scan, and the subject for Mandarin  Orange Monday this week would be my mother as a young bride.

1.Raw Scan. Epson Perfection Photo Scanner
Original Photography by Gilston Butler.

2.Nik Color Efex –
Skin Softener, High Key, Photo Styliser
3. As Above
plus Nik Color Efex – Reflector Effects

Linking with Tina’s PicStory/Beautiful

4.Nik Silver Efex B&W conversion
5.Nik Silver Efex – Paper Toner
6.Nik Color Efex – High Key, Photo Styliser
Nik Silver Efex – Antique Plate 11
7. As Above plus
Nik Glamor Glow, Colorize, Color Stylizer.
Topaz Detail – Feature Enhancement
Nik Color Efex – Vignette
8. Above Image Duplicated and layers merged
Nik Col Efex
PS Fill layer Cyan 50%
Merge Layers and Equalise
Fade Equalise and Colour Dodge 10%
Nik Color Efex – Cross Processing
Decrease Saturation.
9. Detail.
Topaz Define
PS Ink Outlines
Selective Colour and Saturation Changes
PS Poster Edges
Fill – fade and Linear Burn

10. Nik Define
Topaz Clean – Stylise Details.
Topaz Simplify – Painting Colourful.
PS Fill – Colour Burn
Colour Balance, Saturation and Selective Colour adjustments.
11. Combination of two images, No’s 5 and 10.
Layers Merged – PS Colour Burn 60%
Increase Vibrance and Saturation
Nik Col Efex – White Neutraliser.

Thank you again for your amazing artwork last week.  I actually was able to visit everyone to say thank you and to have a closer look at your work. Life is rather busy and complicated for me at the moment, but Mandarin Orange is still one of my great joys. I love doing the art and I love seeing and discussing it too.


39 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 41

  1. And a beautiful Bride she was … How blessed you were to find it and look what you did with it! What a dilightful tribute to a beautiful women …Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. All beautiful in their own way and such fun to see the different effects. My favourite would be the "antiqued" version. And I love the final picture of combined elements to make a gorgeous floral composition.

  3. Oh Lori how beautiful the bride is!! my favorite pic you have done is the one for the weekly top shot….love the light in it so much! the last one is very cool too ♥ Conny

  4. I can tell you had as much fun putting your post together as I did. I have so many old black and white vintage pictures of Mother in the early 1900's. She lived to be in her 90's and Daddy to 100 !/2. I love all the treatments you gave he s=wedding picture and her bouquet. You were so creative. Thanks for coming to my blog. Hugs. genie

  5. How absolutely thrilling to find that photo of your mother. I wonder if you realise how like Kathryn Grayson your mother looked. Check it out on the net, you will be surprised.

  6. What a beautiful bride your mother was. Awesome pictures. I just popped in from Maria's blog and this looks like fun. Perhaps next Monday I will participat for Mandarin Orange Monday. Very nice and thank you.

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