Mandarin Orange Monday #40

Finally, Mandarin Orange Monday has arrived. At least it is still Monday here in Australia. My apologies for the lateness and for the fact that I was unable to visit everyone last week to comment on your art. I was able, however, to enjoy looking at it and appreciating it. I And thank you again for your comments and discussion – I always look forward to reading what you have to say.

This week I decided to celebrate the joy of being a grandmother – so I have featured my grandson, Matthew – or Matty as he is usually called. This is the first time I have published any pictures of him publicly, on LorikArt – as his parents, understandably, worry about his  photo being on the web. But when I asked if I could just show his eyes – his beautiful eyes – they agreed.

I know many of you are also grandparents, as well as parents and aunts and uncles. Perhaps you might like to continue this theme next time.

I found the whole process rather difficult – I don’t usually use people in my photo art. And of course I didn’t want my grandson looking less than perfect, who would? In the future, however, I may start doing some figurative art because I am planning to go to some life drawing classes. Scary! I haven’t drawn people, seriously, for years. And now that I have bought a new scanner to archive the family photographic collection (will I regret this huge commitment???) all sorts of options will be open to me.

So….meet little Matty, who has just turned three!

I edited all the images separately (and actually took notes!) then added them one by one to a Photoshop blank page which I had divided up using guides. I know it is a long-winded way to go about things – I really should get some of those collage-making applications! The processes I used with each image included adjusting Curves and Levels in PS and Dynamic Skin Smoother (as if a 3year old needs that!) in Nik Color Efex.

Finally I  flattened the layers and Equalised (PS) (about 50%) the whole collage image.

Nik Color Efex Filters – Included, Dynamic Skin Softener, High Key,
Glamour Glow, Brilliant Warmth and  Reflector Effects,  in individual images.
Topaz Filters – Included DeJpeg

Nik Silver Efex to desaturate – Fine Art – High Key
PS Fill Orange (Overlay, Colour Burn). 
Topaz Clean Filter – Dynamic Skin Smoother
Nik Color Efex – Bleach Bypass
Topaz Simplify
Nik Color Efex – Duplex, Sunshine
Topaz Detail – Fill Light
Nik _ Bleach ByPass
PS Photo Filter (Orange) 

As Above plus – Nik Color Efex – Burnt Siena
Topaz Simplify — Cartooned
New Layer -Topaz Simplify – Sketch Colour
Merge Layers – 50%- Hard Light
As Above plus – Nik Color Efex – Photo Styliser, Remove Color Cast
Topaz Clean – Stylised Details
Topaz Simplify – Painting Harsh Color
Topaz Clean – Cartoon
Dulicate Layer – Topaz Detail
Merge layers – Screen


25 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday #40

  1. Heisann!I became a grandmother in September, like you I have never published a picture of her for the same reason, but maybe I can just use her eyes…This photo was taken by her uncle yesterday!Your grandson has beautiful dark brown eyes, my granddaughter clear blue…

  2. He is a beautiful young man! This really makes a statement when you focus on one feature – such as the eyes. As for the family photo commitment- I did that a few years ago with a slide collection (think 3,000 slides at least). It was long and tedious but the joy I received from it was immeasurable when I shared those photos with family members who hadn't seen the photos in years, if ever.

  3. Gorgeous eyes! I especially like the last one you did, sort of transforms the photo into a painting — very nice!As always, thanks for hosting such a fun linky!

  4. Grandma had guaranteed success … with eyes like that, how could you go wrong. A beautifull expressive child and you must be very proud. I love all of the pictures … yes, I have my favorite, but I had to study them to pick it because they are all wonderful. Thank you for the bright beginning of another week.

  5. wow – Matty has gorgeous eyes and I love that collage you made! What a treasure. I linked up photos from a class I taught yesterday. I know it's not technically within the theme, but the students made such beautiful art – and I wanted to share it!

  6. I am happy for you to finally be able to share a little of your gorgeous grandson. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't share my little man with the world. Thanks for the party.

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