Mandarin Orange Monday 39

Surrounded by Coins!!

I really thought that MoM wouldn’t happen today….maybe not even tomorrow. I spent the day sorting
through old coins that belonged to my father, photographing them, listing them, messing up the lists, getting the photographs out of order……. ever had a day like that???!!! But I did make the most of it. I used some of my coin photos for Mandarin Orange Monday.
Tomorrow morning I will be up early trying to sort out the mess I made trying to document those coins before taking them off to the city. 
Thank you once again for all your comments and conversation –  I really feel like I getting to know you quite well. And I did manage to visit everyone – that is what I did this morning BEFORE the coins! A nice thing to do over a cup of coffee…or two.
I edited these pics rather quickly …it is way past my bedtime, but I hope you find something you like or that inspires  you. Of  course I also look forward to seeing what you have done this week.
Nik Color Efex Filter – Old Photo
Fill Orange – Overlay
Topaz Clean – Cartoon.

Nik Color Efex – Glamor Glow and High Key filters
Photoshop Filter – Ink Outlines
Topaz Clean Filter – Stylise Details
and Sketch Colour.

Nik Color Efex – Reflector Effects.
PS Adjust exposure and curves.
I added Nik Color Efex Filter – Polaroid Transfer to the image above.
Then intensified the cyan border.

This image combines all the others – as layers of varying transparencies and blending modes.

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29 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 39

  1. Oh, I can commiserate … confusion is my middle name when it comes to organizing things. I am hoping it is the "old poop" in me and not my normal MO. That said, you managed to make beautiful art out of your confusion and that is sometimes what it is good for. Quite a talented lady … I love the final picture … it is framable :)Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. That turquoise border combined with the second to last image is really exciting. Love that combination! The final image is really pleasing to the eye; great textures and depth. Fun to see the process getting there.

  3. Great series of photos, especially the last one since I've never seen an Australian penny before (so very cool!) and I love the blend of textures. I'm still going through all my parents stuff and to be honest, I'd rather have them back than all their material things. Take your time, you're doing a marvelous job!Have a great week!

  4. That last shot is just lovely!I just want to say a big thank you for your package that arrived yesterday. Beautiful earrings! And thank you so much for the brooch and card.

  5. Oooh love how those coins turned out!! Beautiful!! Very nice! They look like a Canadian penny which stopped being issued on my daughters birthday this year!! Hugs Giggles

  6. Lorik, what a clever way to use the texture of the coins in the background and a lovely way to celebrate your dad's collection. I wonder what stories the coins have…where they travelled just after the Second World War, whose pockets they danced in, what secrets they overheard, whose hands they touched? That could be a fun layer to add to your art!

  7. No you didn't NF 🙂 but thinking of gold money sounds like a good idea. I am afraid this week's MoM is running late….. here I am still doing the pics!!! Can you believe it?!!! And still haven't visited everyone from last week!

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