MoM Abstractions

I planned to  sit here at my computer and enjoy my morning coffee, check email etc and choose an image from MoM for NF Abstract meme. After that I would visit my blogger friends who took part in MoM this week.

Next back to  the task I started last night  –  reorganising my desk, my back up drives, etc so I could  ceremoniously open and install my brand new photo scanner, which I bought yesterday.

So here I am, at least an hour later (or two??) , having another cup of coffee  with my desk in the same state. What did I do instead? I got carried away with my abstract image. I refuse to call it a waste of time though – art making never is that! Perhaps by coffee number three I will have the holes drilled in the shelf, the back up drives etc in place and and my exciting new toy out of it’s box and  installed. I might take a pic to show you too!

13 thoughts on “MoM Abstractions

  1. Ah, the time Black Hole that is photo-editing! Just don't leave anything cooking in the oven while you are playing (what's that funny smell of burnt chocolate? never mind I'll just finish this….). I love your finished image, good fun.

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