Mandarin Orange Monday 38

Nostalgic NicNacs (oops! Nick – Nacks)

Sorting through and  cleaning out a loved-one’s possessions – especially those belonging to a hoarder – brings with it many emotions. The obvious are sadness, frustration and confusion – but there are other more pleasurable ones. Finding belongings from your childhood, even everyday ordinary things, can be   exciting and evoke happy memories.
Here are a few of those things I have come across at my father’s house over the past few days. Unsurprisingly, some were already orange – but others, I “orangified”.

This cute little pussy cat ornament – placed on my mother’s orange everyday tablecloth, now sits on my 
dressing table.
Photoshop Filter Neon Glow.
Topaz Detail Filter – Edge Softener
PS Photo Filter – Orange
Topaz Clean Filter – Stylize Details.
Added Nik Color  Efex Filter – Polaroid Transfer.
Increase Saturation of Cyan
Another cute ornament, standing here on one of my mother’s old t-towels, has a new home  here in my study.
Topaz Detail Filter – Fill Light.
PS Filters – Accentuated Edges.
PS Shadows/Highlights adjustments
Added PS Filter –  Ink Outlines.
Nik Color Efex Filter – Polaroid Transfer.
Adjusted Curves.
Selected area (magic wand)  to adjust colour.
PS Photo Filter – Yellow
Duplicated layer and applied Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer again (Screen, 30%)

She now stands beside her twin in my lounge-room cabinet.
Nik Color Efex Filter – Reflector Effects (gold) and Glamour Glow.
Topaz – Lens Effects.
Nik Color Efex – Neutralise Whites
Added Topaz Simplify – Sketch Color.
Duplicated Layer – 50% Transparency.
Adjusted Curves and Levels.
Duplicated Layer again. PS Equalise. Nik Color Efex – Polaroid Transfer – 40%, Lighter Colour.
The old string bag has had somewhat of a revival lately. This one belonged to my mother – unless of course it is a more recently part of my father’s op-shop collection. I think it is beautiful, anyway.
Increased Vibrancy and Saturation. Selective Colour  (increased orange).
PS Photo Filter – Warming
PS Filter – Find Edges (fade to 70%, Hard Mix)
Clean up white background and change to Cyan (Selective Colour)

Select background (feather) and fill Cyan.
Increase Vibrance and Saturation.
PS filter – Poster Edges.
Topaz Clean – Stylise Details and Cartoon.

And being a bit of a hoarder myself, I still have a slightly worn sister to this rug in a cupboard somewhere. This one will soon be on the spare bed.
(this pic reminds me a little of the Australian Outback landscape)
I don’t remember this potato peeler – but i love it! I am guessing that my father found it at one of the op- shops he liked to visit in later years.

Increase Vibrancy and Saturation.
Nik Color Efex Filter – Photo Styliser

My family loved fishing so it is no surprise to find marine ornaments.
This one was in the aquarium – long since devoid of the living sort.
Increase Vibrancy and Saturation.
PS Filter – Accentuated Edges
PS Shadows/Highlights adjustments
Added Topaz Clean Filter – Stylise Details.
PS Curves, Levels, Shadows/Highlights adjustments.
PS Selective Colour  and Hue Saturation.
PS Filter – Paint Daubs.
And finally the gift I so proudly presented to my mother at the age of 3 or 4 years old. I remember admiring it in the window of the local hardware store. I even remember walking inside the shop to buy it.
Increase Saturation.
Nik Color Efex Filter – Glamour Glow
Added Topaz Clean Filter – Stylize Details.
Selective colour (neutrals to orange, increased red in yellows).

Thank you again for your creative orange efforts last week! People really seem to be having fun with playing with and experimenting with their images and media. Lots of multi media appearing too! I wonder what is in store for us this week?


38 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 38

  1. Oh my, a closet full of memories … how awesome and then to be able to incorporate them into your MOM. Very cool … loved taking a trip through your childhood and your art work was, as always, amazing. My parents were the oposite of horders … there were very few little treasures among their things, so I kind of missed out on that kind of fun. Wonderful for you, Lori …Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Wonderful series of photos. The ballerina, tea cup and bag are quite lovely. Isn't it amazing how an object, a song and photograph can warm the heart and stir up a fond memory with great emotion?! Sometimes there are no words, just a tender moment.

  3. Just found this meme through Jesh's Artistique blog… Funny because I had already posted today about Mandarin ducks that I saw this weekend. So I decided to link up 🙂

  4. The memories we find in what our parent's hoarded, are there to get us over the pain of loss. Old wrappings we gave them with so much love bring that love back to the surface and love helps us at our toughest times.

  5. Ha so gorgeous all your tiny beauties!! I love what you have done with them 😉 My favorite is the cool bag…I love the pattern that came out with the turqoise 🙂 and the pic after that reminds me at the desert…very cool and they all make me smile 🙂 ♥ Conny

  6. Lovely digital work. I happen to own the same ballerina and scotty dog ; ) Besides being a hoarder according to the family I also luv to play with digital graphics and these little tokens of memories lend themselves well to the art form. Love the ballerina picture, nice work!!!

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