Mandarin Orange Monday 35

National Art School
Memory Lane – from my student days

Recently I wandered around these old sandstone buildings. This is where I studied as an art student 1969-70. The buildings were once a gaol and there is a courtyard there where people were hanged. It stopped being gaol about 1920. There are tunnels underneath connecting the gaol with the police station and courthouse nearby. This courthouse is the one where I was on a jury panel recently.
Life Drawing Class 1890. Dictionary of Sydney

National Art School Campus 1960’s. Dictionary of Sydney.

Student working on potter. 1971.
 Photo by Douglas Thompson.National Library of Australia.

Orange 1.
Orange 2

Orange 3

Orange 4

Orange 5

Orange 6

Orange 7

Orange 8
Orange 9

Orange 1 – 9 I used similar processes. After tweeking the orignal pics (sharpening, adjusting tone, levels, curves) I did the following.

• Desaturaed all colour except Red.
•Photoshop Photo Filter – Warming 85 (about 40%)
•Nik Color Efex Filter – Glamor Glow
• Increased Vibrancy
I also adjusted Shadows/Highlights to some that were too dark.
Orange 10. As above, then cropped the section I liked best.
Increased Saturation.
Selective colour – to adjust the orange
Nik Color Efex – Poloroid Transfer
Duplicated layer (40% transparency)
Linear Burn and linear dodge.
Merged layers

Orange 11. As Above, then cropped a
smaller square section and enlarged.
Increased Vibrancy

Orange 11. As above, then cropped a
smaller square section and enlarged.
Copied  sections, rotated, pasted
 (adjusting transparencies)

Orange 12. As Above. Topaz  Filter (Clean – DeGrunge?)

Links  for more information 

DarlinghurstGaol – Dictionary of Sydney and Wikipedia

Thank you so much for your art last week. People are being so creative and inspiring. I really enjoyed looking at it and for the first time in some weeks I was able to visit you as well.


27 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 35

  1. Nobody could be more creative … What a wonderful artsy place with such a disquieting history. A perfect setting for creativity. All of your versions are wonderful, getting more so as you go along. I love this post, Lori … Happy EasterAndrea @ From the Sol

  2. I love these old buildings. Especially the round ones. The orange color gives them such a wonderful feel. It brings back memories of my old high school. It was an old stone and brick building covered with ivy. You have a wonderful day.

  3. Heisann!Nice to come back to where the studies took place!My youngest son who is a graphic designer (the oldest as well) visited Sidney where he had some shots the week before Easter.The oldest had his BA for Communication Design in Melbourne! Stayed there for one and a half year from 2004.Have nice days, join you next Monday. Had Easter holiday without Internet access on Lia.Visit;:OD)

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