Mandarin Monday 33

Callan Park at Sunset

Photographed from verandah of one of the historic sandstone buildings which are  now being used by Sydney College of the Arts.
1. Photo taken with Pentax ist DL. Minor Photoshop adjustments in Tone and Saturation.
2. Selective Color and Saturation – removed  green/blue, cyan and reduced Magenta.
3. As Above plus – Nik Color Efex – Colorize. Topaz – Clean – Curly Smooth.
Nik Color Efex – Classical Soft Focus.
4. As No. 2 plus  – Topaz –  Clean – Sketch Color. Saturation and Selective Color adjustments.
PS Poster Edges and Photo Filter – Warm 81
Square selection crop. Nik Color Efex – Detail Styliser – Weird Lines. Topaz Clean – Stylised Details.
Saturation and Selective Color.
Thank you again to everyone for your spectacular orange images last week and your thoughtful comments. 


29 thoughts on “Mandarin Monday 33

  1. oh, this is SO funky!! The first photo had me thinking, "oh, i can't wait to see green again" and by the last one, i felt like i was on LSD!! Gorgeous effects! Thanks for sharing. xox

  2. Oh so lovely a series of the photo. The last one remind me of the 60's where all the LSD is making you see things in strange colours hehe… Thanks for showing, Lori and I do hope this time you are able to make a comment if you wish so. Thanks againmy contribution

  3. Hi Lori. I hope things are going a bit better for you now. I have not forgotten your Mandarin Monday, but my photography mojo is seriously missing 😦 Hopefully inspiration will hit soon! Meanwhile, as always you take the ordinary and make it extraordinary – love your edits!Rachel x

  4. Is there a particular reason the buildings were built in the round? Makes it very art-like! I enjoyed all the different changes you made with the photos-I especially like the one with the blue sky and the wind vane and the last one with all the texture!

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