Mandarin Orange Monday 32

There were some wonderful orange images shared on MoM last week. Thank you again for being part of this meme and blog. I really do look forward to seeing what you have contributed every week. I usually manage to visit everyone – but my apologies again this week. Life away from blogging isn’t quite back to normal yet…
I did manage to photograph the beautiful bunch of  roses given to me by a friend. It was happy surprise to find them, together with a very thoughtful card, on my doorstep this week. They were captured with my  Pentax istDL with the help of a tripod. However it was almost sunset, so the light wasn’t fantastic. 
Editing was a little different this week. I started with Photoshop, adjusting tone and colour and then made a couple of changes using Topaz and Nik PS filters. Then, since I was spending some time away from home, I transferred the images to my iPad. I downloaded a new Photoshop iPad app, Adobe’s Photoshop Touch 1.4.1 from iTunes.  At $A 10.49 it was far cheaper than the  computer application! What did I think of it? Fairly frustrating because I kept expecting it to do what the computer version can do! It was useful for playing with levels and tones as well as changing styles –  but I found it really difficult to introduce new colours. There is an option there for this…I guess I just need to be patient and practise. I did, however, find it much more useful than Photoshop Express. Photoshop Express is better for instant, automatic changes, not individual manipulation.
When it came to converting the images to smaller sizes and actually adding them to my blog, I gave up. It was almost time to go home. So the actual uploading and blogging was done on my iMac at home.
Photoshop and Nik Color Efex – Pro Contrast

Topaz Glamor Glow. Topaz Clean – Crsip Style

Topaz Clean – Crisp Style

Because I was experimenting and learning Photoshop Touch, I didn’t take notes, so I am not able to describe the processes I used for each  image this time. I am also still learning to use the iPad – it is mostly used by my  soon to be 3 years old grandson – usually educational and creative apps of course! He is becoming a real whiz and just loves it! The problem is, I have to think up ways to tempt him away from the iPad and limit the amount of time he spends on it. Usually Playgroup does the trick!


26 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 32

  1. Beautiful bouquet-and I love all your photo manipulations-esp. the last one!!PS, my heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your dear father-I just went thru some of your last posts and found it.

  2. I love roses in whatever form and your manipulations made each one better than the last. I love the downward picture of the full bouquet, but my favorites are the single roses … each has something to say about the love we feel for those special people in our lives. Hope all is well with you Lori … I know you are going through a difficult time. Andrea @ From the Sol

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