Mandarin Monday 31

Thank you for all your beautiful words last week.

I am sorry I wasn’t able to  visit you last MoM and thank you for your wonderful images. I thank you now  for the inspiring work you contribute to Mandarin Orange Monday. 

Melody, my beautiful ginger and white cat, returns to MoM this week. It is amazing the places she finds to take a nap. And she didn’t fall off!

Topaz Clean – Stylise details.
Nik Color Efex –  Glamor Glow
Topaz Simplify – Sketch Colour
PS Photo Filter
Topaz Simplify – Sketch Color. Crop Square.

Topaz Simplify – Sketch Colour. Crop Square
Topaz Clean – Stylised Detail. Adjust tones and levels.
Nik Color Efex – Sunshine
Selective Colour and Saturation adjustments.
PS Poster Edges.
Topaz Clean – Cartooned.


33 thoughts on “Mandarin Monday 31

  1. I love the pictures of Melody … so sweet, so gently pure and the colors … beautiful. That said, did you happen to see the funny little creature in your ball? Just asking … I am cursed with seeing things in everything:) Now I need to know what a sketch color, crap square is. I love it, but have no idea how you got there. Beautiful post, Lori

  2. Andrea, I didn't notice the creature until you pointed it out! I think it might be a smiling Martian, don't you think?As for "sketch color", it is an option for the Topaz filter, "Simplify". By crop I just meant I cropped the picture into a square, it probably wasn't necessary for me to say that I suppose.Thanks everyone for you nice comments to me and to Melody:) And she really didn't fall of that cane table either!

  3. Nice pictures you show. I would also like to express my condolences to you – sad that you lost your father …. hope you're okay. Wishing you a good Monday 🙂 Hanne Bente

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