Mandarin Orange Monday 30

Orange Fungii

Every time I walk past this log I  am amazed it is still there and still
covered with orange fungus. It is just a smallish log by the side of the road in Callan Park.

iPhone Photograph. 
Desaturate all but red and yellow. Selective Colour. Topaz Clean – Smooth
IPhone Photograph. 
Topaz Detail. Nik Color Efex – Cross Balance 

Adjust Saturation and Selective colour. Nik Color Efex –  Cross Balance
Sharing with Tina’s PicStory
Desaturate all non orange. PS photo filter. Topaz Clean – Stylise Details.
PS Poster Edges.
Sharing with Tones on Tuesday
Fill Orange – Darker Colour Blending. Nik Color Efex.
Adjust saturation and hues
Sharing with Creative Everyday
Topaz Clean – Sketch. Difference Blending.
Fill Orange. Nik Color Efex – Detail Styliser.


MoM is a little early this week:)

20 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 30

  1. Wow I love your pics!! And yes I love funghies too 😉 all sorts of…they are so healthy and the best superfood ever…How beautiful they are…you have captured them so well ♥ hugs Conny

  2. I love logs like that. It is so interesting to follow the decay of them. It is funny. When you first told me about Mandarin Orange I thought I don´t have much orange to share. It turned out I have. 🙂 So far I have not created anything for orange party alone. 🙂 Thanks for hosting. Glad you liked my fan.

  3. I love Fungi, especially orange Fungi. Our weatherman has a picture op called Fungus Wednesday … there are some beautiful specimens out there … but none so orange as yours. Nice work Lori. Beware, my post is not what I expected :0Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. We have a tree stump in our back yard that has a fungus just like this, but more of a pale golden color. They appeared at the end of summer and have been through a nasty winter, but still look almost the same! I love what you've done with yours!!

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