Succulent Art

I was expecting to spend the day today in court – waiting to find out if I had been selected for jury duty.   My panel wasn’t needed today but perhaps tomorrow will be a different matter. So what did I do instead? 
First, a  7km walk around the bay, something I used to do regularly and am trying to make myself do again. Once I start I enjoy it…but the actual starting….. 
Second,  I played with a photograph of a little succulent plant which was given to me by a friend. I tried really hard not to end up with orange images but didn’t quite succeed.
Incorporating Bonnies pdpa Bamboo Dream texture.

14 thoughts on “Succulent Art

  1. oh but the oranges are just right, Lori!! so subtle in the first 2, and deLIGHTfull in the others!!I have a similar thing with colours, especially the primary colours, which tend to BE my go to colours. I really DO try to stretch to secondary colours when I can!!!sounds like a wondrous walk round the bay. would enJOY to walk with you!!

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