Steps Down

I spent some time today just playing with Photoshop.The original photo was taken with my iPhone while I was walking around the bay near where I live. These steps lead to the water’s edge and boat shed.
Linking to Tina’s PicStory (L for light) and
  Nature Footstep Inspiring Photography (Catching the Light).

Linking to Tones on Tuesday and 

Incorporating Bonnie’s pdpa Vintage and pdpa Dropped Petals textures
Linking to Photo Art Friday

Soon I may not have much time to play – next week I am “up for” Jury Duty – and it is going to be a long one.

26 thoughts on “Steps Down

  1. you are so clever and creative. you inspire me to see there are an infinite number of ways to see one thing if you keep looking with your eyes and heart open!!it's nice BEing next to you this week!! enJOY jury duty. a privilege, really, as well a responsibility.

  2. You got more and more abstract as you went down those stairs….I particularly liked the tilt of your composition, I could feel myself walking downward, trying to not get dizzy. smiles: sharon

  3. Wonderful pieces. I like how each one was different. The first is so pretty and does have wonderful lighting.I liked the PAF piece and how you showcased just a portion of the stairs.

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