To Minimalism ….and back

An Exercise in Restraint

The inspiration for this project is Bonnie’s Minimalism theme for Photo Art Friday this week. As you can see, the restraint didn’t last all that long. Again, I don’t know what this object is but I do know it is spiky and hard to hold. My little grandson collected it at  Callan Park one day when we were having a picnic – and presented it to me.

Linking to Photo Art Friday.

22 thoughts on “To Minimalism ….and back

  1. Lori- it's a sweet gum ball! The fruit of the sweet gum tree. The fruit is made up of "2-celled, beaked capsules"; the spiky parts… "maturing in one year but persistent through the winter; 2 seeds in each capsule, each about 3/8 inch long with a short terminal wing."

  2. Oh my – these are simply amazing, Lorik! Love the soft contrast of the second and the blue background which sets off the brown spikey thingy so beautifully!

  3. wow~!!~each one is stunning~!i love the fourth one and think it resembles an organism that might be seen through a microscope and the second one is so graceful and soft despite the shot being of a prickly plant part which sets up a lovely contrast.excellent minimalist work~!!!~:-)libbyQ

  4. here's what I love:you can take a small thing that you don't know anything about except it was a precious offering from your grandson. stir in an invitation from Bonnie about minimalism.pop into the oven of your clearly active imagination.and serve up a deLIGHTful array of fun. a feast for the minimalist eye!!!just glorious, Lori!!!

  5. I used to see these Sweet Gum Balls in AL when we lived there….never knew what they were until we left!I ADORE what you've done with that spiky little gem…..bravo!

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