Mandarin Orange Monday 27

Callan Park

Callan Park was originally the estate of a wealthy landowner established around 1840.
In 1885 a “Lunatic Asylum” (to use the 19th century term), known as the Kirkbride Block, was built on the site, consisting of about twenty neo-classical buidlings built of local  sandstone. Cast iron columns which support the verandahs acted as down pipes  for water, which was collected in a large underground reservoir. The roofs were made of slate. The whole area was, and still is, surrounded with beautiful gardens which were designed by the Director of the Botanic Gardens of that time.
The Kirkbride buildings, along with other more modern structures,  housed  psychiatric patients until 1994. In 1996 they became the Sydney College of the Arts.
Today it is still a magnificent parkland and enjoyed by walkers, picnickers and children playing sport. 
Visit Friends of Callan Park for more information.
See  pictures taken on my walks.

I used the same processes for all five photographs this week. 
Nik Color Efex- Old Photo
Topaz Detail 
PS Photo Filter
Topaz Clean – CrispStyle
Free Transform – rotate multiple layers
Nik saturation Styliser


38 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 27

  1. Really fascinating how your edits bring out the linear and textured elements of this impressive structure. What sort of "coincidence" or strange societal commentary is it that a former "lunatic asylum" is now used as a college of the arts?!

  2. Sorry Annabelle. Callan Park is in Sydney, Australia – almost 8 kms from city – and close to where I live:)And I agree with those of you who say it is sad, eery, lonely. Some say it is haunted:) Madge, yes, very imposing and threatening. But it was set in beautiful grounds which were intended to be part of the therapy- I guess only some were allowed to enjoy them though….Louciano – you are right! I hadn't thought of that before!! When i was an art student I remember we were said to be "mad art students". It was expected of you…..

  3. The original structural design seems cold and closed to me with very few windows. Perhaps to have kept patients inside for treatment, then to bring them outdoors to the garden. You have softened the pain of their internal issues so wonderfully with your beautiful work once again and I admire that, thank you.

  4. it's my second entry..and i love your pics today..mine is up

  5. Interesting buildings!! I think my favourite is the second last, although I do have to wonder who would build a wall so it cuts off half of the window…

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