Palm Photo Art

The mystery of the second  Birthday Bouquet

Nature Footstep suggested they were leaves of the Amaryllis plant. I googled it and I can see why. 
Belladonna lily Amaryllis belladonna.
Queensland Gov. Fact Sheet
Judy suggested cattails (which we apparently call bulrush here in Australia), also a possibility.
Cattail, Bulrush. Typha
 Kaylene thought they might be palm leaves, and the orange bit was where they were attached to the trunk. After speaking again to my friend, I think Kaylene might be right. My friend, Janene,  said the leaves fall down onto her deck from the tree next door. She also mentioned that  the orange tinged  edge is where it was attached to the main tree. I must visit Janene with camera in hand!

Since we are still thinking of dried palm (leaves? stems?), here are some more palm photo art.
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17 thoughts on “Palm Photo Art

  1. Hi Lorik. Thank you for stopping by my blog for the blog party. Your photo manipulation is so interesting and creates such fun images. I dabble a bit in photoshop but really don't know what I'm doing. I will be back to enjoy them again. Perhaps I can learn something from you. : )~Elizabeth

  2. Oh very pretty. I like the effects you're doing with the photos, it makes me want to get out photoshop again to play with it.Loved the Mandarin Mondays I'll be sure to check in again next Monday.

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