Mandarin Orange Monday 26

My birthday yesterday was a very orange affair. It often is… Matty, my two-and-three-quarter year old grandson presented me with a mass of orange flowers. A friend popped in with a succulant she had grown especially for me and some interesting orange – tipped dried leaves. I have no idea where she found them or what it plant they belong to – perhaps someone will be able to tell me. It is very likely because, last week I wondered if anyone would be able to identify the architectural ruins I had photographed many years ago. BluebellWoods from the UK not only could tell me that it was Cowdrey House but she had visited it only a few months ago!

There were other gorgeous orange gifts….a bag, a scarf….and so it goes on. Aren’t I lucky that my family and friends know my favourite colour! I wonder how they know?

I chose this close-up to play with and orange-ify. I wanted to give it a more delicate lacy sort of feel.

1. Nik Color Efex – Reflector Effects

2. Topaz Clean – Crisp Style. PS filter – Accented Edges.Topaz Simplify – Cartoon (various adjustments).
 Nik Color Efex – Old Photo. Topaz Clean – Stylise. Nik Color Efex – Colorize. Topaz Clean – Curly Smooth.
PS Selective Colour. Topaz Detail – Fill Light.

3. As for No. 2. Plus Nik Color  Efex – Classical Soft Focus


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44 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 26

  1. You can't outdo Mother Nature … but you sure can enhance. Beautiful and very interesting pieces, Lori. And, had I known it was your Birthday, I would have joined you in a dish of ice cream:) Happy Birthday to one of my inspirations …Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to join your meme. I just posted my first link. I hope cooking posts are ok?I adore your alteration of your flowers. They are just so beautiful and pretty both in the flesh and altered.

  3. Happy Belated birthday!! I am loving the new header…so cool!! Love all the flowers and the digital change is spectacular!! Very pretty post!! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead filled with creative and fiscal abundance, good health, and loads of laughter!Hugs Giggles

  4. Happy Belated Birthday. I hope it was a beautiful day for you. I love your flowers. It's my favorite color too. I also like your treatments for the photo. I think No. 2 might be my favorite. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. Thanks, Lori, for telling me about my link issues … I re-entered it and now it seems to be working. With Blogger, I never know what to expect these days. Have a great week …Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Some gorgeous images here!! Nature Footstep thought the leaves light be from an amaryllis – I was going to guess cattails, only bound at the tip, so the base of them is on display! That is such a creative idea! Remind me to try it when the cattails are not under 2 feet of snow…I love the way you adapted the photo!! It is su delicate looking!!

  7. What a beautiful collection of comments! Thank you al so much for your happy birthday wishes. It was really nice to celebrate part of my birthday here with my new friends:)Andrea, I would love you to join me for ice-cream next year:)Katy nice to meet you:) I hope you enjoyed your first visit. And of course food photography/art is welcome.And thank you all for your comments about the pics!

  8. Hi Lorik….You asked about my post with the bokeh…it was so easy to do…I learned how to do it at a night photography class I took. The subject was a Christmas star that had gold lights on as the points and blue lights as the center. I turned my flash off, I set my ISO on 200 and my f/stop (aperture) at 5.6 and blurred the focus until I like what I saw and then clicked. Our instructor said that ISO 200 and a low f/stop will always work well at night without a flash…what is really cool is if you use that setting and move your camera in a 'swiping' motion while snapping the picture…it is amazing what shows up. Anyway, if you have anymore questions just let me know.

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