While I was holding up my iphone to take photograph a row of seagulls at the water’s edge, another one flew past. I cursed it, thinking it had ruined my picture. I was later very pleased that it had flown past. Most unexpected! I really didn’t think an iphone camera was capable of catching a bird in movement.

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18 thoughts on “Seagulls

  1. I love seagulls and while visiting NZ found and visited a ceramicist who specializes in them entirely. (Ralph Hetzel). He makes amazing individual faces and expressions and they end up as humerous items – in homes and gardens all over the world. I had one sent to London (Sydney Seagull), which lives above my desk. See my blog!Your photos are beautiful – and also your art!

  2. A wonderful capture of those wings in flight action! The other two seagulls seem to be watching the flight intently! And so love the energy in your artwork interpretations of the bird in flight! Gorgeous!

  3. Hay Lori, what an awesome capture and then what you did with it (especially the last picture of the Seagull in flight) is beautiful. Once again you turned to simplicity and made stunning …Andrea @ From The Sol

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