Mandarin Orange Monday 25

I have been scanning my old slides again – this time from travels around the UK in 1977. The shots aren’t all that sharp but still provide opportunities for  developing into orange photo art. Unfortunately I did not name the slides so I am hoping that some of my UK visitors, or others who have travelled in the UK, might be able to identify them. All I can say is that they are architectural ruins – of castles and probably abbeys.

Add captionNik Color Efex Burnt Siena, Polaroid Transfer

Nik Color Efex, Burnt Sienna, Polaroid Transfer 
Nik Color Efex Burnt Sienna, Polaroid Transfer, Saturation Stylizer

Add captionNik Color Efex Burnt Sienna, Graduated Filters


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37 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 25

  1. Great work with all Lori – but this one : "Nik Color Efex Burnt Sienna, Polaroid Transfer, Saturation Stylizer" I have to say "uff" it doesn't fit the picture (as an old photograph I am I can't help telling 😉 ) sorry – wouldn't offend you though.. I will be with you in a short finde an orange picture of my own I am glad you start sending out messenges because I wouldn't find you again (big computer crash here)

  2. I love old architectural ruins … they have so many stories to tell. You editing adds umph to the stories and the pictures. I am not familier with Nik Color Effects … is that on the internet, or is it software. Just askin' 🙂 Great pictures, Lori. I especially like the last two …Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. That reminds me of how I keep a journal thinking that it will help me identify my photos. But, usually I wait too long after my travels and my notes really aren't as good as I think they are when I quickly make my jots. Hope you can find your photos. Did you think to see if Google is any help?

  4. can't help you with the castles/monasteries – Any idea what part of England you were staying, at the time? Regardless of name, the orange backgrounds look particularly good as silhouettes the outlines and gives a sense of inferno (many of them were burnt to the ground)Managed to find a photo yesterday to join the orangery!

  5. Thanks everyone:) What an interesting collection of comments. And to think one of you-Bluebell Woods- was actually able to identify one of the ruins!! Cowdrey House in the south of England. I can now read up on it to refresh my memory. Thank you Bluebell Woods:)Andrea Nik Color Efex is software – a group of filters that can be used with Photoshop, Aperture and possibly other applications.Kaylene I am glad you have been converted too:) We have to make sure we don't get lazy and rely on them though…it is tempting!Diane – I agree about the notes too… especially if your hand writing is as bad as mine! I have trouble deciphering my notes on techniques used for these orange pics!Eljaygee- we travelled all over the UK in a combi – so they could be anywhere…Thanks again everyone and welcome back:)

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