Balmain Ferry

Beautiful Sydney Harbour can be explored easily by ferry. These images show the Balmain Ferry  which travels from Circular Quay, which is near the Sydney Opera House to historic Balmain. The original photos were taken with my iPhone camera.
Passengers waiting for the ok to alight ferry at  Circular Quay.
View from the ferry window – as it gets ready to leave the Quay.

“Charlotte”,  a Balmain ferry, at the  wharf at Circular Quay.

Bonnie’s pdpa-Brown-Rice-Paper texture used to enhance the view from
Circular Quay ferry wharf.
View of the harbour and Opera House as it sets off for Balmain.
Linking to NF Abstract – my very first entry into this exciting new meme.

10 thoughts on “Balmain Ferry

  1. Super set of photo's. Your subject material is very interesting. I loved shot out the window where the blue was highlighted. Also enjoyed the PAF piece where you highlighted portions with the texture. The Abstract piece was really cool as well.

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