Mandarin Orange Monday 24

I hope everyone has had a relaxing holiday break and is ready to start being creative again – orange creative, of course! The subject of my Mandarin Orange Monday images today is a pretty ordinary back fence overrun with some scraggly plants and weeds. I thought some colour was definitely needed.
The photograph was taken with my Pentax  istDL and the editing was done with Photoshop and Nik filters, mostly Color Efex. I couldn’t resist adding a little blue, orange and blue being my favourite colour combination. 

Nik Filter Color Efex (Contrast, Brilliance/Warm, Color Glow, Photo Styliser) Topaz – Clean-Crisp Style
Nik Color Efex (again) Photo Styliser. 
Nik Filter Color Efex (Contrast, Brilliance/Warm, Color Glow, Photo Styliser).
Topaz – Clean-Crisp Style


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25 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 24

  1. I, too, love the combination of the blues and oranges. But the orange edits are clearer and show more depth. I can see what it is supposed to be in them. But, art is art and so I have to opt for the effect of the last two :). So glad you are back … I have been waiting for you!Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. I love the images that have been altered, especially the orange and blue but my favorite part was watching them being drawn in as the computer was loading the images on the site. It was art in action.

  3. Thanks everyone. NIce to see you again on MoM. Interesting to learn which images people prefer too, and why.Kaylene, I am sorry, but this time I didn't make notes as I was working on the images. I was short of time. You must be having a lot of fun trying out those filters – so easy to get carried away. And to run out of time;)Happy New Year! And as Jannibele said, "Happy Orange New Year!"

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