Mandarin Orange Monday 23

Mandarin Orange Monday will be on holiday from 23rd Dec until 6th Jan.
My inspiration for Mandarin Orange Monday week was a challenge – hosted by Inspiration Avenue. The challenge was to make art inspired by the traditional song, Twelves Days Of Christmas. My entry was this funny little image with an Australian flavour – a kookaburra in a “pear tree” instead of a partridge. The pears were easy – I had them in my kitchen. The kookaburra pic was in my archives – a kookaburra sitting on a telegraph pole in the street behind my house.
12 Days of Christmas.
My entry for  the Inspiration Avenue Challenge.
For MoM I decided to continue with this theme, Twelve Days of Christmas,  but take Australian angle a bit further. 
Quick Selection tool to isolate image.
Nik Silver Efex- Classical. Overexposed.
Color Efex – Photo Styliser.
Instead of pears, I used cherries, from my kitchen…

Quick Selection tool to isolate image.
Nik Color Efex – Vignette
and a Christmas decoration from my Christmas tree.

Quick Selection tool to isolate image.
Nik Color Efex – Glamour Glow and Photo Styliser.
Christmas Pudding which was in my cupboard. I can’t wait to eat it! Will we have it hot with custard or brandy butter (as is traditional) or cold with ice-cream? 

Quick Selection tool to isolate image.
Nik Color Efex. Topaz Adjust 5.
Nik Col Efex – Graduated User Defined
And my very favourite “Christmas fruit” – apricots. They were lined up on my kitchen shelf for ripening.
Quick Selection tool to isolate image.
Topaz Detail – Fill Light.
Nik Color Efex – Burnt Siena.
Quick Selection tool to isolate image.
Topaz Simplify – Cartooned.
Selective Colour.

Quick Selection tool to isolate image.
Topaz Adjust 5.
Nik Color Efex – Colorize.
Topaz Clean – Cartooned.
Topaz Adjust 5.
Nik Color Efex – Photo Stylizer.
And of course the gum tree I see from my sunroom window – now an orange “Christmas fruit” tree!


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25 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 23

  1. Really like your take on the 12 days. You used a lot of clever effects with these, I still struggle to simply load pictures on my computer from my camera, let alone do clever things with them…lol. Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…..ann.

  2. Wow I am sitting here with my mouth open…you are very talented using all these effects to get your wonderful Christmastree…looks very cool! I would grab all the apricots and cherries and would sit under the tree with a big smile and a full tommy 😉 Wish you a wonderful christmal and see you in january ♥

  3. Oh my goodness! This is all so wonderful! Lori, your creativity is so inspiring to me. Hopefully when you start Mandarin Orange Monday up again I will get my act together and be a participant instead of just a viewer. Have a wonderful holiday break!

  4. Thanks everyone – it was a lot of fun doing it! Especially since they are favourite foods:)Nature Footstep – you're I should have taken a bite and added it! Actually I ate the whole pear the next day with my oats:)Happy Christmas/Holidays and see you all in two weeks!

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