Mandarin Orange Monday 22

I really don’t know what the name of this tree is, but I do know that it is a very photogenic tree and would be a great starting point for a painting or illustration.

These photos were taken with my iPhone. Iphone shots are a good starting point for digitial editing. Once again I experimented with my new PS filters, Topaz and Nik. I have included a black and white version, but as you can see gave it an orange border, which I suppose is cheating a little.

Welcome again to Mandarin Orange Monday. I wonder what you have to show this time? It is fun waking up on Monday morning to see your pictures and comments. I always respond to your contribution with a visit  and sometimes by replying here in the comments as well. It might be a few days before I get to you…. by I do get there eventually.

Desaturation. Topaz Detail. Nik Silver Efex – Fine Art. Topaz – B&W Effects.

ADesaturation. Topaz Detail. Nik Silver Efex – Fine Art. Topaz – B&W Effects.
 Photo Filter- Orange. Selective Colour. Increased Vibrance.

ADesaturation. Topaz Detail. Silver  Effex- Fine Art Process.
 Color Effex  – Bi Color User Demand

Selective Desaturation. Nik Color Effex. Color Styliser.

Selective Desaturation. Niks Color Efex – Photo Styliser. Selective Colour.
Color Efex – Bi Color User Demand. Topaz Adjustment – Vibrant Selection


39 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 22

  1. Your tree reminds me of a strangler fig, which is common in Florida. I love the way you colorized the various shots you took, Lorik. I tried doing the same with the photograph of my poinsettias, but I didn't like it. They do have some oranges in the flower center, and their are some orange hues in the limestone wall of my house. Blessings!

  2. I do love tree pictures … they are all so unique even in being the same. Your new filters have opened woderous doors for you and you, of course, know how to take advantage of that. I love the gnarly oldness of your chosen tree and the uniqueness of the orange and blue patinas. I have pulled to the side of the road to capture such a tree … aren't they wonderful?Andrea @ From The Sol

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