Wood Art

Occasionally I make little wood sculptures. I carve them out of  pieces of wood my father  has given me. My father has worked in wood for most of his life – not only constructing functional items but carving beautiful artworks, both relief and in the round. He often used huon pine, a very old timber found in Tasmania.  These trees can be up to 3,000 years old. Huon pine is now protected and cannot be felled. However, wood on the forest floor remains usable after hundreds of years.

My father, being unwell and 91 years old,  doesn’t make art anymore, but he still appreciates it. Boomers-OurParentsHistory is my other blog where I am, slowly, telling the story of his early years.

My Dad’s Marsupial Carved Plate. Huon Pine.
Hand Carved Pendant. 

Hand Carved Pendant. Australian Red Cedar.

Hand Carved Pendant. Huon Pine.

One of my tiny wood carvings, which I made into a pendant, was featured this week in an Etsy Teasury by Terry. Terry is a wood worker  and artist who has an Etsy shop, AkitaWoodWorks.

‘Christmas Caramels’ by theartistterand

Wooden Spreader Butter …


Calendula and Chamomile…


Vintage Hand Carved Cam…


Hand Crafted Granadillo…


SALE WAS 35.00 – Beauti…


Wood Pendant Hand Car…


Red coral necklace Red …


Vintage Amber Glass Cup…


SALE WAS 45.00 – Vintag…


Christmas Sale 30% off …


Nutty Hawaiian Bracelet…


Vintage Nesting Tables …


Hull USA Pottery Sunflo…


Wood Earrings – River R…


Orange Necklace Beaded …


Vintage Brooch Golden A…


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