Mandarin Orange Monday 21

I am not really interested in cars at all. As long as it works and is fairly small I don’t mind what it is I am driving. But I did stop at look at this cute car. Luckily I had my iphone with me. So for MoM 21 I have actually started with a predominantly orange picture. I have made it much more orange… of course. Photoshop has  been my tool again, mostly Topaz and Nik filters. 
Topaz Clean Filter, cartooned. 
Nik Color Efex.
Topaz Clean Filter. Nik Color Efex – Bi color. Selective Colour.

Topaz Clean Filter. Selective Colour. Nik Color Efex – Pastel. Topaz Detail Filter – Bold.
Fill Cyan. Overlay. Selective Colour. Ink Outlines PS Filter.
Topaz Clean Filter, cartooned.
Superimposed face -Topaz Clean, crisp style.
Paste face. Colour Burn.
Topaz Simplify – Painting Colorful.


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38 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 21

  1. I was brousing through, loving your orange car. I even marveled at the fact that the car in the background was orange … then I came to your last picture. How awesome … I love it and I love that you told how you did it, not that I would be able to duplicate such imaginative art. I don't know what Topaz is. I assume it is in a PS that is higher level that my PSE. I love the effect. This was a treat! Thanks Lori …Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Thanks for visiting and your comments. It is interesting and often fun to read them. The car is actually a Citroen, a french car, which we don't see all that often in Australia. I have never seen this version of Citroen at all -and orange too! And a lot of fun playing with the image.Jesh St Germain – it reminds me of the 70's too – of mini mokes – now they were a fun looking car.!Andrea, Topaz is a set of filters, add ons, for Photoshop. I am experimenting with them and only just learning to use them. The challenge is remembering what I did so I can do that same thing again on purpose, not by accident!Nature Footstep- yes I agree, must be Mars where i live:)Danielle, it is worth sitting down and learning to use the techniques – but plan to sit down for a long time — I get so carried away that time just flies!Thanks again everyone:))

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