Found Camera Card

I got it out! The lost camera card – lost in the depths of the DVD slot of my computer – is now safely in my camera. How did this happen? I tried to take some photos and got the message “card locked”. You can imagine how that made me feel! How does a camera card get locked? And how do you unlock it? I knew I would have to do some serious googling, but first I decided to have one more go at rescuing my 4GB San disk.

Yesterday when I was writing about it being lost and looking for  links to post,   I came across a variation of the cardboard cut out solution – a bent paper clip. I turned my imac sideways (it was already off because of the very hot day here today) and wondered if I heard a little clicking noise. Could that me my disk relocating? With one hand holding the computer  I fossicked through the desk drawer until a found one stray paperclip. After a tiny bit of wiggling I noticed the corner of my card poking out. I carefully pulled it out with my fingers! For a minute or so I thought the paper clip was stuck now…but no… I finally could say yaaaaay!!! So writing yesterday’s post about the lost camera card saga actually led to me finding it!

Now I just have to make sure I never do it again. We’ll see…

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