Lost Camera Card

The Saga of my Camera Memory Card

Bought a new computer a year ago. Love it. Everything works. And it looks beautiful. I can now burn DVDs again! The  burner on my old one died long ago. I can’t scan though. Microtek aren’t very good at updating their drivers. It is in the other room with very old computer. I can live with that – I use my camera more than my scanner.

But then…

1. Camera usb lead stopped working so that I couldn’t download photos to my computer.

2. Bought litte camera card adapter. Cheaper than replacing the card. Works well.

3. Bought new camera memory card. Lots of GBs. Sick of photographing, transferring pics to computer, continue photographing route. Why? Using camera card which came with 5 year old camera – 25MB. Far too small when you shoot raw pics. Yipee! Can shoot forever and still not have to return to computer to download. The space never runs out!

4. Discover, belatedly, that my “new” computer has a little slot especially for camera memory card! It is just below the DVD slot. Yaaay! So much easier than using the usb cord or the camera card adapter.

5. Accidently put the camera card into the DVD slot!! Turn computer sideways… still won’t come out. Desperately start googling for a solution. Find that I am not the only one who has made this stupid mistake. All you do is cut a piece of stiff cardboard into a hook shape and carefully pull it out.

6. Repeated the same stupid mistake twice in the next few months. The third time tried the cardboard trick but pushed too hard and heard a click. It was trying to eject. The card is now deep inside and can’t be reached with cardboard.

I now cannot burn DVDs – again.
I am back to using the 256MB camera card and the adapter.

….And saving my pennies to take it to the Apple technicians.

In case this happens to you.

Youtube demonstration of cardboard method.


Apple discussion. 193 people discussing this very problem and suggesting ways of retrieving the card.


My camera. Pentax istDL

Inca Plug-in USB SC Card Reader. 
My iMac. 21.5 in.

 These images started off as being simple photographs to illustrate my “story”. I got carried away with my new PS filters and turned them into something else. Hopefully you can still recognise what they are.

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8 thoughts on “Lost Camera Card

  1. I did that very same thing… took the computer to the computer store and the geeks had it out in a flash after a little trip to the back of the story. It only is a one time error though… once you do it, you will not do it again

  2. Thanks everyone. You will see in today's post I got it out!!Jeanne… I have already done it three times! Can you believe it??!! But am determined I won't do it again. I look at what I am doing in future.Maggie, it apparently is a common mistake. And I am so glad I didn't have to pay for a technician.

  3. OH dear… I have read from the removal od said card before this, so I know it is out, but what a dilema!!! I just hope I never do such a thing, but my camera has a CF card, which is hard to do than an SD card (yay for me)!And I hear you on the shooting RAW over JPG/JPEG, its a much better way to shoot!

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