Mandarin Orange Monday 20

Welcome again to Mandarin Orange Monday. My pictures this week are based on photographs I took at Green Patch. You might remember I transformed a painting for Mandarin Orange Monday which was inspired by rocks there. This time it is rock pools  – which I have always found fascinating. I remember at school we were taken on a Geography excursion at a beach and what did we do? Examine the rock platform and the rock pools and weather pits. Apparently there is a difference, one is u-shaped and the other v-shaped in cross section. My wonderful geography teacher Mrs Bookes would be proud of me if she knew I was writing that.
This week I experimented with my new Photoshop filters, Topaz Labs  and Color Efex, for the first time. So much to learn but so much fun! 
Topaz Detail.

Topaz Detail and Topaz Simplify. Topaz Adjustment Vibrance.
Selective Colour.

Topaz Detail and Topaz Simplify.
Selective Colour and Colour Fill (Cyan)

Detail Selected. Topaz Detail and Topaz Clean 

Topaz Clean. Selective Colour

Topaz Clean. Selective Colour. 

Topaz Adjustments – Detail. Warmth. Topaz Stylised. Colour Fill (Orange). Poster Edges.

New Brooches available soon in my Etsy shops

Orange Cat Eyes Brooch
Orange Mandarin Brooch


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27 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 20

  1. Lori, these are awesome photos. I wish I had something similar in my Photoshop Elements. At least I don't think I have anything that changes parts of photos.

  2. My goodness you were prolific today and they are all beautiful in different ways. I love the contrasting colors with the oranges. I am going to have to look into those new PS toys … they seem to do very interesting things as does the artist 🙂 Have a wonderful day Lori …Andrea @ From The Sol

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