Mandarin Orange Monday 19

My orange pictures this week are of another favourite holiday place, Katoomba which is in the Blue Mountains, 100kms west of Sydney. It is called the Blue Mountains because it is an area of dense  Eucalyptus gum forests  and the vapour emitted gives the area a blue haze.
Katoomba has been a popular holiday place since the end of the 19th century when people would travel by steam train and stay at one of the grand hotels, the Carrington and the Hydro Majestic. Today you can still stay at the Carrington (the Hydro Majestic is being redeveloped) and enjoy the atmosphere of old world grandeur. We celebrated a wedding anniversary there one year.
The Three Sisters, at Echo Point, Katoomba,  is  a huge  rock formation which is now listed as  a World Heritage Area. It is the most beautiful sight and is visited by a multitude of  tourists every day. The first image shows the blueish haze behind the rock formation. If you look carefully you can see people on a little footbridge which leads to the first of the sisters. You have to climb down a lot of steps to get that far as well as not being worried about heights!
And then my “orange-ified” Three Sisters. Unfortunately I don’t remember  the processes I used in the first image since I did it a while ago. But in the next three I combined poster edges filter and  photo filters. 

Magic Wand selection. Desaturation of selected area.
Magic Wand selection. Colour fill of selected area. Fade fill, overlay.

As you can see, I also made a brooch and a pendant inspired by the Three Sisters. The brooch is a print on wood and the pendant combines hand painting with the print. 


46 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 19

  1. I have driven past the three sisters during sunset and they have turned the most vivid shade of orange. I think you have captured them beautifully. The blue mountains are one of my favourite places to visit (but jeeze I had the bells line drive from Sydney to the central west!)

  2. I can even see the faces in these three rocks…excellent digitals and the jewelry is spectacular!! One of the only colors I can't wear is Orange…yet I love love love it! My skin doesn't!! Awesome artwork!!Have a great week!Hugs Giggles

  3. Oh I love the Blue Mountains and used to visit often, there is a pair of champagne glasses at the bottom of the main look out in Katoomba. Love the processes you edited with and the jewellery is fabulous. Cheers

  4. I am so glad to learn about Mandarin Orange Monday since orange is my FAVORITE color! I will have to try to participate soon, but for now I will have fun checking out some of these wonderful links!

  5. I love the soft blue background in the first picture. That was my favorite until I saw the orange and purple at the end … stunning. Love the effect and as I just spent the weekend with "three sisters" who had a surprise 50th Anniversary for their parents, it seems like something of a coincidence … a very nice one.Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Hello, this is my first time to link here, thank you so much. I've visited this area decades ago from North Ryde. Blue Mountains by its name seems enchanting to me then. I guess it is not only the emissions of the gums which make it blue, as all the distant forests are blue because of the colors which are absorbed and which are emitted.

  7. Hi Lori! This is great!Lovely photos!!!I just wanted to drop in and "WELCOME YOU" to Inspiration Avenue!I look forward to seeing more of your art!

  8. Thanks everyone for visiting and your inspiring comments. It really is an interesting place and I see that some of you have already visited the Blue Mountains.Kirstin that is long way to travel…and on a road with one lane each way!Kayene we will all look out for your champagne glasses!Andrea, did the 3 sisters wear orange? :)Emille, the first link (Blue Mountains) will show you what they really look like…Andrea, you travel about the same distance as I do to get there:)LadyD..another coincidence- eucalypts and another 3 sisters!Thanks again everyone. I hope some more of you are able to visit the Three Sisters one day.

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