New Necklaces and Pendants Preview.

Last week I showed you my jewellery making in progress. Here are some finished pieces. Actually, almost finished because I forgot to trim  the leather thonging before I photographed them! These, as well as brooches and more necklaces, will be in my Etsy shops soon.  
For those of you who aren’t Etsy sellers, there is a long process that follows the actually making of the work. It must be photographed and those images need to be made as clear as possible. I used to use interesting backdrops  but was later advised that white backgrounds are best. White backgrounds draw our attention to the actual item I was told. What do you think? So last year during the holidays, I set about re-photographing every single item in my shop. It took forever and I almost succeeded in doing them all. 
Once the photographs are finished and resized it is time to list the item on Etsy. This means filling in the details in a form and writing a description. One description doesn’t take long but when you have written ten you run out of words. I do, anyway.
So this is the stage I have now reached. But not quite. Because I have those other pieces to photograph first.
Cat Eyes Pendant.
Digital art (my cat) on wood.
Howlite bead. Italian leather thonging. 

Parrot Pendant.
Digital art on perspex. Howlite bead.
Italian leather thonging.

Pretty Pink and Green Necklace.
Freshwater pears and vintage resin beads.
Licorice Necklace.
Glass foil beads, glass beads and vintage (green) beads.
The two beaded necklaces as well as the parrot pendant will be in my LorikArt Etsy shop and the cat eyes pendant will be at my LorikArtCAT Etsy shop. Soon.

13 thoughts on “New Necklaces and Pendants Preview.

  1. great necklaces!! Love the uniqueness of each and the title of "Licorice necklace" is wonderful!! Thanks for sharing your Etsy process also-I knew nothing about selling items there.

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