Mandarin Orange Monday 18

Manly features in Mandarin Orange Monday this week. Not the ocean or the rocks this time  though but something made by people and changed by natural elements. I was really taken with the play of shadows on the steps that  we walked past on our daily walks. These steps are near the ferry wharf, which is why you can see shadows of bicycles as well as those made by the fence. The photos were taken with my iPhone camera.

Desaturation. High Pass Filter

Photo Filter-Warming. 

Fill-orange. Colour Dodge blending. Poster Edges Filter. High Pass Filter.

Fill Colour – orange. Darker Colour blending
Photo Filter – orange. Poster Edges Filter. Saturation and Hue.
Channels-hue and saturation, selective colour and colour balance adjustments.
I took a different approach this week. I chose a selection of different shots of the same area and made one processed photo art image for each. My reason for doing this? Probably I couldn’t decide which one photo to use.


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24 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 18

  1. Your photos are awesome!!! What a great idea to use a picture and just layer and drop colors i different areas, like abstract!!!I used the 9/11 Memorial. I think it turned out to be a favorite.

  2. Hi Lori, The shadows show their different sides in each picture – the shadows of the bikes are amazing, especially in the 2nd last image, where the shadows are violet – orange / violet making a fantastic & catchy contrast!

  3. My goodness Lori, you can make art out of anything. At first I saw Shadow Art Sunday, then I saw the "lines" prompt on PAF and then suddenly, color … various shades of oranges and even a little pink. If you were indecisive, you were, at the same time, very creative … what fun!Andrea @ From The Sol

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