Waterbirds on Iron Cove

The tree in these images is the tree we used to use as a Christmas tree when I was a child. Every year we would drive to the local river to collect one and it was a really exciting moment finally sitting it in a bucket of sand  ready for decoration. We spent quite a lot of time on the banks of that river, picnicing,  swimming and watch our father fishing so this particular tree holds good  memories for me.

This isn’t that same river, the Georges River, but part of Iron Cove which is closer to the city. We regularly walk along and sometimes, around this water, together with hoards of other people trying to keep fit. It is called the Bay Run. Some of you might remember seeing other  photographs I have posted here.

I took this photo  while walking around the Bay. Since it is quite a long way I didn’t take my camera, so this is an iPhone shot. You can see that the tree has needle like leaves. Anyone recognise it? I  If you look really carefully you will also see some water birds – water birds only  ten minutes from the CBD! Perhaps someone will know the name of the birds too.

Line is the optional prompt for Bonnie’s Photo Art Friday this week and I am linking these images.

17 thoughts on “Waterbirds on Iron Cove

  1. Nature is full of graceful lines and you are the one who would find them. I am not sure what the tree is, but the birds look like they may be Cormorants … they are a little too far away to be sure. Beautiful, peaceful lines Lori. Somehow in the back of my mind, I am looking for a way to turn them orange … can you imagine? :)Andrea @ From the Sol

  2. Beautiful images! I must say the cyan-bluish variant speaks the loudest to me, such wonderful atmosphere between the sihouettes and that particular hue!And I would agree with Andrea that the birds are shags, or cormorants, altough it's a little hard to be sure. But there's a definite shag-like quality to their posture and bearing… 😉

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