Melody My Cat in my Art Jewellery

Melody My Cat in Sepia. Original photo art image. 
Melody My Cat. Perspex Brooch

Melody My Cat Brooch. Back.
Melody My Cat. Perpex Pendant Necklace
Melody My Cat. Pendant Necklace. Closeup.

 Every since Melody my cat was a kitten she has been the subject of my photography. As all cats, she is difficult to photograph, unless she is of course asleep. Curiosity has often ruined my shots… she just can’t resist coming over to inspect my camera. Or she might just feel like rolling over for a pat.

The first image is Melody My Cat in sepia. It is photo art I processed from a shot of Melody sunning herself in my backyard. I originally used this image for one of my greeting cards, but later reprinted it to
use in my jewellery.

Epson Stylus Photo 2100. Photo courtesy of Epson.

I print using an Epson Stylus Photo 2100 printer which was sold in the  US  Epson 2000P. It is still an excellent photo printer, despite the fact that it is now ageing in the world of technology. It helps that I use it sparingly, and have second cheaper printer for day to day printing.

The ink is oil based pigment ink and is long lasting. I use Epson Premium Semigloss photo paper for prints for my jewellery and Epson Archival paper for prints and cards.

I sell my jewellery, including the brooch and pendant shown, in my two Etsy shops, LorikArt and LorikArtCAT. At the moment I don’t have any cards or prints for sale, but I am thinking about changing that. If anyone has any comments to make about selling prints online I would be very interested to see them.

29 thoughts on “Melody My Cat in my Art Jewellery

  1. I love that your dear friend of a cat is featured in the work you do with your hands– what a sweet tribute to your friendship.Aloha,Happy Wordless Wednesday. Stopping by to follow along and to invite you to join me for the ride at Local Sugar Hawaii. It's a sweet, "come as you are" kind of spot and I'd love to have you with us.xo,

  2. Your cat is so sweet looking! Cats can indeed be challenging to photograph, I try with my friends cats with very mixed results ;), but I keep trying… That's a wonderful shot of her! I've been trying to sell prints on ebay, but my efforts have yet to yield extremely positive results…

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