Mandarin Orange Monday #17

My cat Melody is the star this week of Mandarin Orange Monday…at least my part of MoM. I wonder what stars you have in store?

I used to photograph her often when she was younger and Melody has regularly featured in my art and jewellery making over the years. She was such a tiny little kitten, she used to sit on my shoulder like a bird. Now she is far to big to do that, but she does enjoy sitting on a warm lap at night.

The first group of photos are only slightly edited. I have sharpened them and adjusted tones and saturation.

The following  images are the results of playing with Photoshop. I used Poster Edges filter for all of them, but added a second filter to each one.

Poster Edges and Dark Strokes Filter.
 Increased Saturation (Red Boost).

Poster Edges and Film Grain Filters.
Poster Edges Filter and HDR

Poster Edges and Dark Strokes Filter.


Sharing with Paint Party Friday, Weekly Top Shot, Show and Tell Saturday, Mellow Yellow Monday and Tones on Tuesday.

Also linked to NF Inspiring Photography, a meme for creative and inspiring photography and photo art.

43 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday #17

  1. Oh Lori, she's the cutest thing! I just adore cats. My sister has a male orange tabby named Asparagus. He even has orange eyes! I love what you've done with the filters. I particularly love poster edges.

  2. I love Melady … I have two orange tabbies in my family and they are truly photogenic. And, If my intuition is right, I am thinking that having and "Orange" cat had a lot to do with your starting the Mandarin Orange Monday Meme … now that is a wonderful thing. So, you should have a wonderful week …Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Oh, how I love the color orange. As you probably know from visiting my blog.I was pleasantly surprised to find the link up at the bottom. Thank you!I love your photographs of Melody and the photoshop editing.Your oranges at the beginning look delicious! Thank you for making my Monday so bright with color.

  4. Your cat Melody has such a beautiful fur – the color is warm and your editing makes it even more orange in a cool, poster-like way! It must be so cozy having her resting beside you in the evenings 🙂

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments about the photo art and Melody…and thank you from Melody :)Melody is very pretty..and apparently being ginger and a female is unusual…but then she does have white as well which makes a big difference.Quite a few of you had/have ginger cats too!My first cat was ginger – and he found me… just plonked himself at my place when I was a student.LadyD Piano… I usually sharpen and saturate at the end…it is so easy to get carried away and oversaturate and sharpen too much. It would be interesting to hear what others do too.Thank you again, to those visiting for the first time and to those of you we have already met:)

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