Morning Walk Reminder

Add captionBonnie’s pdpa Cobblestone Road texture.

Bonnie’s challenge this week at Photo Art Friday is to make photo art which includes her texture Cobblestone Road.

I used a pretty bad shot, taken with old an Nokia phone camera, while I was on an early morning walk. This is one of the prettier parts of the walk, which leads to a pergola which is covered with a vine. That early morning walk was a daily routine until this winter.  Now it is spring I plan to resume it… no excuses! All it takes is a couple of mornings and then it will become routine again. This image will tempt me back.

You might want to look at other pics from my walks in the past.

Linking this also to Friday Fences .

16 thoughts on “Morning Walk Reminder

  1. It does take a few goes to get back to our routines doesn't it? I'm sure you'll feel the benefit, I know that's one reason I got Izzy, to take me for my morning walk every day!

  2. I like this idea, taking a so-so photo and adding the texture to make it sort of, well, sizzle!!We've been enJOYing some colder mornings this past week, though it is warming up nicely by midday. Our walks are glorious pretty much always, but these cooler mornings are my favourites.Really nice work, Lori.

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