Hello Halloween. Goodbye Blogtoberfest and photoaday Oct.

It is the last day of October, which means it is also the end of Blogtoberfest for this year. Thank you to Kat@I Saw You Dancing for hosting.

What a marathon!  Just as well it coincided with a virus/illness which went on and on… I couldn’t really do much else other than sit at my iMac blogging away.

It is also is the final day of fatmumslim’s photoaday Oct, for 2012. Her photo prompts forced me to think before I shot a photo …or  scavenged way into my photo archives. It also meant I practised my photo processing skills, which is never a bad thing.

November will be the month I translate some of those images into other art forms. Definitely some art jewellery and hopefully a canvas painting.

Today’s photo prompt for photoaday is open, we can do whatever we want. Yesterday’s was Clothes.
And today is Halloween for those who take part in it. This year is the closest I have ever been to celebrating it, through my photo art.

I cheated at little with photoaday  today and yesterday, as you will see I am wearing a new item of clothing in today’s self portrait.

Day 30 and Day 31 photoaday October

My Halloween costume for natashamay’s Halloween Party.

Linking to NatashaMay Artworld and Wordless Wednesday and Show Me What You’ve Got

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