Mandarin Orange Monday 16

Mandarin Orange Monday this week is a bit different – it has the optional theme of Halloween and all things scary. Here in Australia Halloween isn’t very big, although it does appear to be growing. I noticed a big box of gigantic pumpkins a few weeks ago. I photographed them but the image was spoiled by all those annoying little stickers. I felt like taking them all off but feared that I would be reprimanded by the young security man standing nearby.

When my son was about 10 (he is now grown up and a daddy)  he did go trick-at-treating, but I think it was still fairly unusual. For a few years we armed ourselves with lollies  to give out to the smiling, eager and usually made up faces. The children were very young, with their parents hovering at the gate as chaperones. But it was a real on – off thing, some years a few knocks and others none.  And very quiet streets at sunset. Eventually we stopped buying the lollies because I would end up eating them all!

Since the shops seem to have been promoting Halloween this year I expect to see an increase in the numbers of dusk visitors. We’ ll see. Will I buy lollies? hmmm.

So especially for Halloween I worked on a scary image. It was much more difficult than I expected. I don’t think I have made a haunted house picture since I was a child. A couple were not at all scary, another was positively evil – so they were rejected for MoM. What I ended up with are mildly scary, I hope.  And most definitely orange!

I look forward to seeing  your – both scary and an not so scary – wonderfully orange images.

Desaturated. Texturiser and Poster Edges Filters.

Magic wand and Quick Selection tool. Saturation tools and Fill

Poster Edges filter. New layer (Fijian mask)

New Layer (lace) overlay. Poster Edges filter.

Fill and Linear Burn (lace). Poster Edges.

New layer (cobweb) Linear Burn and cat eyes.

A selection of my mildly scary jewellery.
The cat eyes belong to Melody my cat.
 The brooch at the bottom  now lives in the UK.
The others are available at my Etsy shops,
 LorikArt and LorikArtCat


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35 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday 16

  1. I love your scary images! I find the pictures with orange wall beside the one side of the door, and especially the image with the yeys on the left, specially creepy!!! p.s. Let us know if you had anyone popping by with Tricle & Treat?

  2. This is a masterpiece. Do you know where you are going when you start or does the end product evolve as you progress. Either way I love the result and am impressed with your complicated process. Thanks for sharing :)Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Yes, everybody is busy with hallowen preparation, but I must admit that I never participated in any of it. What I mean making scary things coz, I don't want to be scared.Anyway, It is good to remember our loved ones who died which I participate. We called it " All souls day".But good luck to yours.

  4. Thanks everyone for visiting and for your comments. I wonder if I might have made these a bit too scary and not funny enough? Next year I will add some humour i think…if i can. But I did enjoy doing them.Nina I will let you know.. .we are buying some treats in preparation.Andrea.. I did have a general idea of where i was going.. i selected the images I wanted to combine and I had the colour scheme worked out ….but the rest just happened.And a little secret… it is my house. ..i hope i don't get spooked coming home at night now:)thanks again everyone.

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