From People to Looking Back. photoaday prompts

Catching up once again with fatmumslim’s Photoaday October – the last four days.

Photo Prompts

Day 25 People
Day 26 Listening to
Day 27 Morning
Day 28 Looking back

People. My parents. Sydney c 1948.
Photo taken by one of the many street photographers of that time.
Listening to. My son’s first piano.
These days it is mostly “played” by our grandson.
My son has his own at his house – he is a musician.
 I took lessons on it for a year – I wish I had have kept it up.
Morning. Oats and Bananas.
Breakfast – and coffee – what else is there that is important
about the morning?
Looking back. I had this as a child. It was even more magical then –
it was filled with water.

Linking Looking Back to Weekend Reflections and the Listening To Your Sunday Best.
Linking Morning to Mellow Yellow Monday.

 It is Day 28 of Blogtoberfest!

12 thoughts on “From People to Looking Back. photoaday prompts

  1. Such a beautiful & unique picture of your parents – they look so happy and energetic! And the morning-picture – the texture and print of the bag makes me want to get one as well 🙂

  2. I smiled to see your piano photo.. I have been photographing our piano this past week, too.Hope to include in a post soon.Like you, I took lessons for a short while, when I was a child. I wish I had kept up, too.Our piano is new to us (100 years old in reality) and I've been playing up a storm lately.. I picked up some beginner books at thrift stores & have been trying to teach myself.Easier to learn when you're a kid, I think!

  3. Amanda I look forward to seeing your piano pics too:)Actually my lessons were as an adult. I tried to teach myself when my son was a baby but later took lessons when he was learning…same teacher. Maybe I should try again..good luck with yours.This piano was a present to my son from his grandmother:)Nina, thanks they did look lovely, didn't they!? My mum isn't with us anymore, but my Dad is about to turn 91 this Sunday!Thanks everyone for your visit and your comments:)

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