LorikArt has been featured! on Maddabling

Today is  a pretty exciting day for me. LorikArt has been featured on Maddo’s blog, Maddabling. It is the first time this has happened and I feel like  a star! Thank you so much Maddo for having me on your blog and for the wonderful job you did.

You can visit Maddo at Maddabling and see what wonders she has achieved.


And now for the recipe I promised from last night’s dinner. 

I will have to confess that I didn’t actually cook it – my husband did. He combined it with a chicken curry, not being a vegetarian like his wife

My Kitchen

My Kitchen when new – 2years ago

My new kitchen

 Some fun with photos 

 The Recipe Book – “The Enchanted Broccoli Forest” by Mollie Katzen

…and the recipe Potato, Panir & Pea Curry

Find out more about Moosewood Cookbooks and their origin in the Moosewood Co-Operative.
LorikArt Giveway celebrating Blogtoberfest  will close in just 4 days. If you would like a chance to own one  LorikArtCat item (your choice under $15) just make a comment here or after this post. The only rule is that the  comment begins with the word Blogtoberfest.

22 thoughts on “LorikArt has been featured! on Maddabling

  1. Congratulations on being featured, I'll be popping over to take a look. Love how you changed the saturation on your photographs in this post, very good.As for the recipe, I could almost smell that meal…yum, I love curry.

  2. Congratulation on your feature! Your kitchen is beautiful! I'm so excited to see what everyone is up to this week. I love all the inspiration….feeds my soul. Lucky to have you guys!

  3. A girl after my own heart with orange in that kitchen!! I have many orange things too. Can't wear the color but I surround myself with it because I love it so much!!Love curry too!!Thanks for sharing!!Hugs Giggles

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