Derelict House.

Some months ago, when I was walking around the bay, I noticed a big For Sale go up outside one of my favourite old houses. Eventually it was sold. I looked forward to following it’s renovation on my daily walks. But nothing happened. It continued to be neglected and empty. One sad day I walked past to find it gone…. It had been demolished! And a new For Sale sign was put up. It is still for sale all these months later. What a waste of a beautiful house.
Luckily I did photograph it once, using my old Nokia phone.

Old House for sale. Taken with Nokia phone camera.

Bonnie’s theme on Friday Photo Art this week is “Derelict”. 

Maddo of Maddabling’s feature of ME  is  here. She made me a STAR today. If you are curious, you might like to visit Maddabling – where I tell my “secrets”.

14 thoughts on “Derelict House.

  1. Hello, I'm visiting from Photo Art (my first week participating!). What a shame this house is now gone, it looks so lovely and I love how you've used the texture on it. Beautifully done.

  2. Great edits on this lovely old home. Looks as if they really enjoyed the sunlight coming in. Can imagine this front room with a bit braided run on a wood floor. Too bad it was destroyed.

  3. what a BEauty!! I am often amazed at how things disappear or are simply left to just wither away. I love the fun you've had treating the photo. I can see how it would intrigue me, too. funny, you reminded me of the many derelict abandoned houses where I walk going here or there. I think I might go out with my camera and withOUT my 4-legged sidekick to see what I might find to play with!!

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