New logo for my Facebook Business Card

Some weeks ago I saw on Facebook that a company named MOO was handing out Facebook business cards for free!  You get 50 cards for free, but you have to pay for postage. Your Facebook cover and profile photo is used for the graphics on  your card. It seems  there is an option for you to use higher resolution images that you have uploaded on Facebook.

Since I don’t have a business card I have decided to get one. However, I have also decided that I am not happy with my current LorikArt Facebook profile picture and cover. As always, one thing leads to another and instead of ordering the business cards I am still redesigning my logo. I haven’t even begun to think about the cover. 

Back in June I made a new logo and I published some of the designs. I chose this one, which I will be keeping for my LorikArtCAT Etsy shop.  

LorikArtCAT Etsy shop logo.
My painted pendant was
the inspiration.
Sometime after June I experimented with using a parrot as the inspiration for the design. I t has been suggested to me more than once that lorikart and lorikeet have something in common! Here a couple of those designs.

 And, so far, this is my new LorikArt Logo. At least I think so! I know it isn’t really a good idea to keep changing your logo, but it is hard to resist when it is such fun.

New LorikArt logo.
This offer has been available since January of this year. If you have taken it up I would love hear your thoughts on the quality of the cards  and if you decided to follow it up with a paid order.
Day 24 of Blogtoberfest!

4 thoughts on “New logo for my Facebook Business Card

  1. Your designs are so vibrant and colourful! Call me simplistic, but I like the lorikeet …I haven't tried the FB offer, but I've ordered free cards through Vistaprint and they've been fine!

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