My new IPad 3 and Photoaday Catchup

While I have been sick I have had a new toy to play with… an iPad3. There goes my Christmas and birthday present…woooosh…gone.  And what a  toy! I can watch old tv shows on it, like Blakes 7, I can surf the net and check up on what is happening on Facebook.

But best of all, I can take photos with it AND I can edit them. If I wanted, I could actually be typing this post on it, but I prefer an old fashioned keyboard. However, as the young man at Apple said, there is really no need to type at all. I can dictate my post and it will appear perfectly in type on my iPad. 
I was really excited to hear this because it justified my expensive “gift”. My husband is soon to start writing his book, a very scholarly work about the economic history of the last 300 years. For some time  he has been researching but soon it will need to be put down in words.  I was really expecting that I would be spending much of my time in the future typing the manuscript. But not anymore! He will be dictating it on my (our?) iPad. Yipeee!
So all weekend I have been experimenting, and sometimes just wasting time, with my iPad. Some of you will remember that as well as taking part in a blog – every – day – this – month commitment (Blogtoberfest), I am also taking part in fatmumslim’s photo a day challenge this month. Today I took two photos and processed them on my iPad. The third one was one I took a couple of weeks ago with my iPhone, but I also processed it on my iPad. 
The photo prompts were – Day 19. Letters, Day 20. 4 O’clock and Day 21 Calm.

Calm. Manly Harbour.

Letters.  Bookcase in my house.

4 O’ clock. Working on my MoM 15 post.

The iPad apps I used were PS Express and PhotoToaster. I wish now I hadn’t bothered with PhotoToaster. I am happy with PS Express except for one thing – after much deliberating on which “effect” I would use to add  text I found that I had to pay an extra $2.99 if I really wanted it. I thought it was part of the package I had already paid for.

Since Mandarin Orange Monday will also be published later today, I am going to count this as tomorrow’s contribution to Blogtoberfest.

3 thoughts on “My new IPad 3 and Photoaday Catchup

  1. I love the picture of the books – have you used a texture pack on that photo! Thank you for the tips in iPad – I got one a week ago at my work and am totally green I'm using it …. Look forward of trying at some point the photo editing you wrote about!

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