Mandarin Orange Monday #15. Shadows on the Wall.

As it is coming up to Halloween it is certainly the right time of year for orange art. Next week there will be an optional Halloween theme…and all that is creepy and scary.

My attention  has been drawn to shadows lately, probably because I have been unwell with a virus and seem to be stationary more often than usual. The shadows  I have chosen for Mandarin Orange Monday are shadows on walls in my house, in my bedroom and in the dining room. The dining room is already orange and at sunset it becomes even more orange. The bedroom isn’t orange – I do love orange but I don’t think it is a very restful colour. However, the bedroom walls are an apricot colour – so almost orange.

Shadows on my dining room wall at sunset 
Bedroom wall morning shadows
(minimal editing)

And now for the fun part…

Poster Edges Filter

Sumi-e filter

Sumi-e filter
Magic Wand selection of background and Desaturation.

 My apologies for the lack of explanatory detail.  I did actually write copious notes on the processes I used. However, I now find them impossible to follow.  I will blame the virus.


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42 thoughts on “Mandarin Orange Monday #15. Shadows on the Wall.

  1. I luv shadows, always inspiring.The light that fills the room in the morning is quite different from the light of the night and even in between light of day. Every time it changes, never the same , always giving something to feed on and create like you have done here. Lovely photos Lori!Annabelle m^._.^m ~^..^~

  2. interesting work with shadows. here's something I haven't tried yet. thanks for the inspiration. I'm visiting from Sunday Best and I'm your new follower. hope you get well soon! xxo

  3. Ritva, yes, it is wonderful having a sunset in my room:)Hans, yes I see you in your survival suit – on your blog – pity this didn't include thumbnails. WordPress might?Nina, I agree about the curiosity thing…they also stimulate our imagination too:)Robyn, I am so glad you joined in MoM too. PPF is a great meme, isn't it!?Annabelle,it is great how the light and shadows always change. I notice them more in the bedroom, in the morning… obviously being still in one place helps!But we also have pretty, coloured glass windows which helps too.Thanks Liza:)Madge, I like reflections too…but harder to photograph, don't you think? Probably if I practise using different camera settings (as you do) I will find it easier.Thanks Ana, enjoy Sunday Best too. And I am your new follower:)Faye, I am certainly still learning my way around the digital world…but having lots of fun doing it.Thanks Kaylene, I look forward to seeing the results of your playing…Red Nomad OZ- welcome:) I look forward to your visits and future orange pics.Thanks xinex- shadows can be quite amazing and a great inspirationThanks Jessica. I see the dr today… will be all better soon:) And, I always enjoy visiting your blog.Thank you Leovi – i enjoy your compositions of light, colour and shade too:)Thank you Chris and Angela. It is nice to have your work appreciated:)

  4. Hi Lori, sorry to hear you haven't been well & hope you are a lot better now. Looks like you have a beautiful old home. Love the shadows and I think you had almost too much fun once again with your editing! Well done!

  5. it i very clear that you like the color orange. 🙂 Sorry I did not comment until now but I headed straight to bed after joining here. 🙂 I love all those orange shadows you have. They are great artwork too. Details of the workflow is always difficult. Usually I only mention the main filters and/or tecniques.

  6. Thanks Ayala and Lisa:) Jane, thank you, I am feeling a bit better – dr today:) And yes, I did have almost too much fun with the editing – the image almost disappeared – to abstraction!NatureFootstep -thank you. Perhaps I should just concentrate on noting the main filters too. I write so much in my notes and then can't follow them. It doesn't help when I change the file names too!And is hard dealing with all these different timezones, isn't it?! I am so glad you joined here- and right before bed too! Thank you.

  7. Pleased to hear you are feeling a bit better. Sometimes the body takes longer to heal than others. Looks like you have still managed to keep your mind creatively engaged even while at home.Thanks for dropping by my blog, reminded me that Mandarin Orange was on today…..

  8. Hi Lori, at last I have remembered to post to your meme! You have so many beautiful photos to look at today, love all your processing but the Sumi-e filter is wonderful.

  9. I am more interested in the results than the process, anyway! I love the originals, but a couple of the processed captures are really lovely – I think of the one with the wall sconce, especially!@

  10. You always inspire … I love shadows too. There is something mysterious about them and your edits exagerates the mystery. Sorry you are not feeling well … it certainly hasn't kept you from being creative, but sometimes we do better when we need to try harder. I enjoyed your post and love this meme.Andrea @ From The Sol

  11. Thanks Pieces of Sunshine:) I am glad you remembered it was MoM:) And i have been able to be creative – as long as i am not moving too much! I used photos I had taken a couple of weeks ago.NixBlog – you know, when I chose shadows I really had forgotten about Halloween! Maybe all these halloween images played on my subconscious. Next week it will play on my conscious!Thanks LadyD Piano. And the ipad is lots of fun. My grandson thinks so too:) He was one of the reasons i got it.Miriam, thank you 🙂 And I am so glad you remembered MoM! I like the sumo-e one best too. I have only just discovered that filter a week or two ago.Carol, thanks:) It became spooky without me even trying (consciously). Now that IS spooky;) But i did want mystery.Judy, I am glad. It is much more fun doing the processes than writing about them (and trying to remember or decipher bad handwriting!)Ester, thank you:) and thanks for visiting:)Andrea, thanks for the nice words:) I suppose I was trying to be mysterious rather than spooky. We'll see if i can really be spooky in next week's MoM. You're right – sometimes we do better when we need to try harder. shedreamsofthesea, thank you :)Myrna, thank you , and thank you for calling it Art:)Chubskulit Rose, thank you. I am glad you like them:)Nancy, thank you . After doing those pics i kept seeing shadows everywhere I went – became super "shadow aware" :)Leovi, thank you. I am glad you liked the lamp too. I salvaged that lamp-it is huge – from my father's old shed. It is about 6' high when it is straight. He used it when he was using a circular saw.

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